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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Until further notice ...

Well my blogging friends ... here is the plain old truth.  I am blogged out.  Tired of updating (with nothing to share and no interested is the process of sharing) and have stopped following so many too (sorry ... just blogged out, life stresses and just --- life.  Heck.  I haven't seen past day 1 of Tim's tags and even that was a chore).  So, with that information, my blog will remain stagnent until further notice.  I wish everyone all the best life has to offer with days full of creative bliss and fun. 

Finally, with the holiday season in full swing, I wish you all love, laughter and happiness with your family and friends.



HeatherFeather said...

Mell, i just know that soon enough you will be posting some handsome young men doing some sort of silly dance for me to get a giggle! See you when you return...but I will see you IRL later tonight!!!

Kataroo said...

your just fully hooked on pinterest now :) LOL

Unknown said...

Im a smaller ring kind of girl. Plus, I harm myself with my rings repeatedly. I used to wear a marquee cut diamond and managed to scratch my face pretty badly by using it. I scraped the kids with it repeatedly, too. The wedding ring husband gifted me for our Birthday was picked because of its settings being much less dangerous.
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