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Friday, April 18, 2008


Better late than never but a big congratulations to
~*~ PAULA ~*~
on winning my blog RAK from a week ago.
Please send me your information and I will get something to you.
Also, many thanks to my blog readers. Now that I know that I have somewhat of a following so-to-speak, maybe I will take it upon myself to update more and share all that I create, not just some of it. (stop laughing, Katie!)
Happy Friday m. PS Barbara ... I snuck your name in the draw anyways. :-)


Rachel Tops AKA "Doodlebug4444" said...



Stay funny said...

Congrats Paula! Happy for you!
And yes Mell, post all your creations and more often ;)
St├ęphanie xx

brn2scrp said...

Congrats to Paula!!! And thanks again for the heads up on that feedjit thing. I put it on my blog, and am really surprised at who (or I should say where) is looking in. Cool!

barb said...

Congratulations to Paula! :)