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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old Name ... Mellisa

New Name ... Pickle Sista!

Yesterday, after driving my Nana, Mom and her husband to the airport, I headed over to my sister-in-law for our pickle making date. We almost thought it wasn't going to happen but, just as we hit the last vendor at the Parkdale Market, we found them.  The perfect, grade A cucumbers all ready to be jarred.  The only vendors that sold cucumbers by the bushel, I might add.  We purchased the cucumbers (a bushel and a half), fresh dill and fresh garlic and headed back to her place.  Now, we've both assisted my mother-in-law, at different times,  in the process but never made them on our own.  While we didn't go in blind to the process, we certianly went in nervously.  

The venture began and continued and continued and continued.  It seems that a bushel and a half makes alot of pickles.  After a quick stop for lunch, Dana and I were well on our way wtih pruned fingers from scrubbing (her) and intensely smelling garlic fingers (me).  Then, a vinegar steam facial and 11 hours later, we had 68 jars of pickles.  Sixty-eight.  That's a whole lotta pickles. 

Now all we do is sit and wait about a week to see how yummy they taste.  I am crossing my fingers that they compare to my mother-in-laws because seriously ... no one can dill a cucumber like her.  Not even Bicks themselves!


Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Really Happening ...

I am a business owner.  I never, ever thought I would own my own business.  It should have felt real to me when I registered with the government but it didn't.  Designing logo options 1, 2 and 3 done ... but it didn't  It should have felt real to me when I met with my clients (thats right, I have clients teehee) for a pre-wedding consultation, but it didn't.  What finally felt real to me was designing my business cards last night.  I got the back done. Began the front.  Wanted to cry when it came time to create flourishes ... but lets not even go there because I have to attempt to figure it out again today.  Skipped over to entering the information and then .... then it felt real.  I am a business owner.  Excitement turned into panic turned into doubt turned into a smile.  Even if I don't succeed, i tried and that's what matters most.

In the meantime, my website is no longer a random results page ... it is officially 'under construction'.  Things will become more concrete with it next week when my web people come back from holidays.  Business cards will be ordered next week too.  I have a practice maternity session on Sunday and am completely excited.  I will finally have something to put on my facebook group that doesn't belong to my nieces.

My life isn't how I want it to be but, all in all, things are definitely good!

Happy Monday.  Here's to an enjoyable week

Monday, July 12, 2010

wow *WOW* wow

Really.  Seriously.  **WOW**  I can not stop grinning from ear to ear with that opportunity the that has just been presented to me but first, I must digress ...

On May 29th, K and I attended the wedding of a person who we know because K's cousin's husband is the grooms brother (you follow?).  Through his cousin's wedding process, we met and bonded with the Bradley/groom's family including his brother - the May 29th groom.  They have such beautiful souls.  While at the wedding I was in awe of the photographer.  She was everywhere and it was click after click after click.  My kinda gal.  I am definately an over clicker.   Poses, candids, guests, decor .. everything I try to do when I am at an event or even just with my nieces or sight seeing.  The following week I joined her Facebook group and looked at every gallery on her website.  The week after that I saw Scott and Jess' wedding photos .  Love.  I wrote her a quick note to tell how how much I loved her work (and watching her work) and guess what .... she invited me to be a second shooter at a wedding.  Eeeks.  It's her way of giving back to aspiring photographers ... and I am so happy that she is giving to me.  Well she contacted me tonight to finalize everything and, on Satuday July 31st, I will be joining Oya Anzan of Anzans Photography as her second shooter at a wedding to be held at the Westin Hotel.  *gulp*  The Westin.  I mean *wow.*  Talk about ambiance and romance and stairs and backdrops and ... and ... and... 

The timing of this is perfect because yesterday I got confirmation that I have been hired as a photographer for a wedding on August 7th so it will give me learning and practice time.  It's going to be a small backyard wedding in the country and a wonderful opportunity too.  Plus the opportunities I am making for myself with my friend and her baby belly then newborn, my sister, my nieces and Tanya's girls.  This is how I love to learn.  I was expecting a good summer but it is turning out to be grrrrrreat!

Yup.  Pretty much stuck on *WOW* right now.  So much to do and try and understand and learn and process.  Upon my return to work in September, I had planned on upgrading my camera to something more professional than my loveable XTi.  In the meantime, it's off to Henry's to rent something more professional and of the D variety as well as a lens better suited for weddings.  I currently have three lenses but not one that I feel comfortable shooting with in low light and at a wedding of this caliber.  (if anyone has a money tree, I would be happy to plant a cutting in my yard. -insert eye roll by all who have the same wish-)

Thanks for reading and sharing in my excitement ... or pretending to, at least.  I know this stuff isn't for everyone but I am good with the false pretenses in this case.  TEEHEEHEE.

Enjoy this fabulous week!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Done, done & done.

  • Business registered - - - check
  • Domain name registered - - - check
  • Email set up - - - check
  • Blog started - - - check
  • Facebook page - - - check
  • First job pending - - - double check
And so begins my journey towards being a business woman.  I have finally taken the plunge and made it official.  Studio H Photography is in full affect.  Only thing left to do is create a new logo (would you believe that there are several other Studio H's in business and three that I found boast a variation on the same logo I created for myself.  So much for that 'original' thought), develop a website and start selling myself (the easy part ... uh huh).  I have some fun things lined up photo wise.  The next few weeks will see me trying different tidbits and ideas starting with my sister, a maternity session and then the hijacking of a certain someone's kiddies.  August will see me trying my hand at newborn photography (cant wait!) and maybe a few other things too.  I will know more in a couple of days.

I am excited and nervous and crossing my fingers for success.  How cool would it be to have not one but TWO jobs that I love?  I could get use to this...