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Returning soon to a blog near you. New Year ... new music. Happy 2011.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

oh miss RENEE (and more stuff)

Please e-mail me.  For some reason my emails you keep bouncing back and I really, really, REALLY need to talk to you.  Like "life or death" talk to you.  Like "I'm going to lose my mind if you dont get in touch with me soon" talk to you.  As in *insert super whiney tone* "Reeeneeeeeee.  Wheeeeeeereeeee.  Aaaaaaareeeeeee.  Yyyyyyyyouuuuuuu ????????????" talk to you.   Okay, so it's not that desperate but I have a good idea and was excited to share with you and wanted to see if you wanted to play plus I wanted to hear all about your new digs so now you HAVE to email me ........ right ??????  *wink*

For those of you who aren't RenĂ©e .... sorry 'bout that.  Now on to the other stuff

Had my first official Auntie Em's Design meeting yesterday.  It was great to sit and chat and share and I think we some fun things in the horizon.   I met my co-conspirator fellow designer also yesterday and I do believe that Lorena and I are going to have some serious issues duking it out when the Basic Grey comes in.  Holy yum!  I am slowly starting to look at the CHA releases - a first in years - and its crazy how much stuff there is.  Obscene even.  But so great to drool over. 

In other Auntie Em's news, the not always technically savvy Emma began a blog for the store.  It may take a couple of weeks to tweak it and get it going but I do hope that you will come and visit often.

So today I continue to recoup.  My fever is pretty much gone but I still feel very run down and ragged with lots of coughing.  I pushed it a little too much yesterday just by driving to and sitting at Emma's yesterday for a couple of hours.  (on the plus side, i had the best freakin salad EVER from Subway ... thank  you for semi-returning appetite. lol)  The rest of my day will be spent amongst the flannel gods swathed of the fluffy goodness of my blankets while my hands craft away.

The sun is shining and the weather seems nice.  I hope everyone is enjoying these last moments of the weekend.  Happy Sunday.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Hidden Gem

As I posted earlier today, I had big plans while resting.  Started off outside for about half an hour working on the first part of my photography assignment.  The weather was gorgeous.  Beyond gorgeous ... especially after the extreme cold in the beginning of the week.  I played around with a few things before deciding on what I wanted to capture ... and decided to use my 50mm 1.8 lens.  Can I just say that, as far as lenses go, this is the best $100.00 lense you can ever find.  I absolutely LOVE it.  I can't believe that I have had it all this time (a couple of years at least) and never learned how to use it properly.  It is easy, really.  You move yourself .. not the lens.  Enough said.  Needless to say, I got my photos done and even manage to capture a few faves on my k9 babies ... until the flash card corrupted.  *cry*.  Fortunately, I am very good at removing images from my memory and was able to get the ones I needed for my assigment.  Unfortunately, I lost the ones of my pooches.  Hopefully tomorrow will be as nice and the snow as fluffly. 

Oh .. those big plans, you ask?  Not so big.  I survived outside but barely.  Once inside and on the computer, fatigue hit as did the upset tummy.  Up to bed I went to enjoy some Netflix under the comfort of my duvet, snuggled with my pooches.  An enjoyable way to have plans altered, I must say. 

In the meantime, here are the photos I took for the assignment.  It was all about changing the ISO in 'P' mode and seeing what it does to your subject.  Alot of this isnt new to me but it is great to refresh ... in lamens terms this time.

Once again, enjoy your weekend. 

PS - it's hard to see the blurred background at this size but there really is a difference between 100iso & 1600 iso, i promise.


Down and Out

That's pretty much been my week since Tuesday.  With fevers ranging from 100.7 to 102.5 consistently, I finally decided that it would be a smart idea to finally stay home from work.  I've done nothing but work and sleep ... no creating, no art journal everyday, no workout, no computer *gasp* (disclaimer .. I have used my iPhone for some minor surfing and facebooking lol) 

Today, my fever is finally below the hundred mark .. if only slightly.  I have some energy - thank gawd because I really need to go my Maggie Holmes photography assignment done today.  I am going to craft.  Some stuff in my art journal, some goodies for Auntie Ems.  I am going to do all of this with the box of kleenex beside me (ohhh - that just gave me an idea), a blanket on my lap *bliss* and movies on the computer.

This weekend is all about laying low, getting better and healing so I can go back to the gym!  Oh ... and feel good too. 

Happy Friday, everyone.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Art Journal Everyday *Rediscover*

I've been doing quite well on my Art Journal Everyday challenge - quite surprisingly too.  I've only missed a couple of days but, between shopping for the items to make the journal (yes! that counts) and assembling the actual journal, it's been constant.  Unfortunately my first page didn't come out as I had envisioned but I am done ... and thats what matters.  I even used an entire package of rub-ons that have been in my collection for years.  Good-bye stash.  Finally, I have found a creative groove that I am thrilled to have back.  From art to scrapping to beading, the ideas are flowing.  My mind is full once again ... which works out rather well being that I am now on the Aunti Em's Design Team.

Here are some shots of the first page I did in my journal.  I decided to combine my (Ali Edwards) One Little Word with the first page of my art journal.  Not the greatest of photos but it get's the point across.  The only thing I have left to do in it is figure out how I want to add the date it was made - - or finished.  I love, love how Donna Downey uses the shipping tags as her signature date recorder and I really want a signature date piece of my own ... I just need to figure out what exactly that is going to be ... although it is really tempting to incorporate the DD method because I love it so.  If I dont come up with something in the next week or so - - - maybe......

Until then, I bid you all creative happiness.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sew Happy

Quite some time ago, I lost the backstitch lever and the thread holer-oner thing-a-ma-jig. No clue where they went or what happened. I can only assume they got lost in transit somewhere. Because I have a low end sewing maching that was bought in the States, finding those parts was near possible. Who knew. I finally found a place in the States that didnt cost ridiculous amounts and had normally priced shipping to Canada. Well ... they are finally here. I am so happy to have my sewing machine back. I mean, I haven't had a huge use for it but there have been times when I thought "I would love to do this right now but .... oh darn. No sewing machine" and moved on to something else. Now that I am motivated back to the scrapping world, I can not wait to get my thread in and sew across a piece of crisp paper or tantalizing ribbon. Maybe this weekend, if it frees up some. The hubs may even get lucky and I will finish that quilt for him. Maybe.

On an Art Journal Everyday note, things are progressing and I have't really missed alot of days. That is what I actually love about this challenge, I think. That I can spend two minutes sticking down a rub on and I will have met my daily quota. No pressure. I havent actually started creating art yet, but I did make my art journal from scratch.

I went from this ....

... to this ...

... and this ...

... and this.
I used everything in the paper pad except the front cover.  The back made the perfect sturdy base for the front and back of the journal.  Each signature was hand sewn seperately then added to the album.  I painted canvas in turquoise and bright magenta using water to allow the two colours to mix before adhering it to the front and back inserts.  Topped off with some glimmer mist, elastic added and a button for closure and I was done.  I was going to decorate the front but decided not to.  Not right now, at least.  Maybe down the road when it is complete.  So, now that my journal is created, I can make art inside.  Hopefully what I have in my mind will look as good on the paper.  That all depends on if my trip to DeSerres tomorrow is successful or not.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Redisover: Design Team

There had been some talk quite a while back about Auntie Em's Scrapbooking (in Cornwall, ON) possibly starting a design team.  I had expressed an interest in it but nothing really transpired.  Before the holidays it came up again but nothing really concrete .... until today.  I spent the day there, with Emma, Laura, Marlene & Sue, beading away into the wee hours of the morning (meaning 1am) and, at some point in the evening, I was invited by Emma to be a part of the Auntie Em's design team.  I am very excited for the opportunity to inspire others as well as the push I need to get back into the craft that I love so much.  I have always had many ideas floating around in my head so it will be nice to execute some of them in the process.  I brought home some paper and embellies tonight and let me just tell you that there isnt anything more daunting than re-entering a craft that you havent done in quite some time with a product that is out of the box and not in you normal comfort zone.  Either way, I look forward to the challenge which, with any luck, will begin tomorrow after a major cleaning of my space.  Yes, the one I was supposed to do weeks ago.  oy!

On a creative note, I assisted Marlene today as she taught two "Beading Boot Camp" classes at Auntie Em's today.  It was fun to help others learn and a bit confident boosting to know that I am developing my skills in beading nicely.  Afterwards, a few of us stayed and created away.  I made a bracelet for colleague as well as began the foundation for a second bracelet that I am going to do.  Marlene was nice enough to let me play with her oh-so-yummy camera and is going to pass on the photos to me soon.  I will also take photos of the things I did for Christmas gifts and share those as well.  Fortunately, many of the pieces I made were made in twos because I liked them so much I had to make a second for me. 

As for my Art Journal Everyday, I am actually doing pretty well with the exception of Friday and Saturday.  Unfortunately time didnt allow because, after leaving the house at 7:30 Friday and coming home at midnight only to leave again at 8:30am Saturday and return at 2:15am, I just wasnt journalling.  I plan to make up for it today by doing multiple components.  So far I have all the signatures attached and the album cover started.   I will have more work to do before beginning my first Art Journal Everyday entry but, in my head, it's all looking good.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed a snowy Saturday.  Here's to a restful Sunday with a great week ahead.  Happy Creating.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


A little something to tie you over until Sunday when I will post on more details that random nothings that I've been up to.  It gives me goosebumps each time I see it but, for those sensitive to language (which I am not), please note that there is one *f* bomb dropped in it .. otherwise, all good and very true.

Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I did .... what????

I did  .....  THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!

You'll have to check out my other blog to see.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Vote for ME!

I can't believe that I am doing this ... but I am. 

As you may remember, this past summer I had the opportunity to be a second shooter for Oya Anzan of Anzans photography.  I absolutely love her work and, after working along side her and seeing her in action as well as coming to know her a little bit, I adore her. 

On her facebook site, she is having her 3rd fan photo contest.  After much deliberation, I decided to submit a photo of my sister (see below).  Of course, this isnt always about the best photo but often a popularity contest.  This is where you come in ... all three of my blog followers *wink* .....

If you are so inclined, please join Oya's Facebook page and go the photo album titled Fan Photo Contest - photos submitted by fans.  After looking at all of the enteries, please 'like' the photo that you want to win.  It's as easy as that.  Deadline for voting is Friday, January 14th at midnight (EST).

In other news, I didnt actually work in my journal yesterday but I did buy things to make the album so that counts. lol  I am also enjoying another book which I have added to my side bar.  I am loving this iBooks concept and I didnt think I would.  Its just way too convenient.  Now if only they had a battery saving mode. 

Enjoy what's left of Thursday. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rediscover: Reading & Art

I had two *rediscoveries* yesterday and I have to say that I am so happy those are the ones that I started with.

The first of my two rediscoveries was my art.  My space is a mess and I hate creating in a messy space but there was just enough room for a small project so I decided on a few ATCs.  One for me and a few to share.  I was only a few steps in when the space got to me and I had to stop.  It was then that I realized that I just started my Art Journal Everyday challenge too.  Two concepts with one brush, so to speak.  I also realized that De Serres won't have the kind of journal I want to do so I may have to make one --- or just order one from Donna Downey.  I love the inspiration journals that she uses for Inspiration Wednesday.  So today, I continue my ATC/AJE  only after I get this uninspiring space cleaned up but first --- I must induldge in about an hour of rediscovery number two ...

After looking around the house yesterday, I realized that I didn't have any unread books here but for one that I bought last year during out schools book fair.  After a second look I thought "why did I buy this?"  Oh ya .. it was a dollar.  Then my mind went back to a gift card I had seen at Future Shop and a conversation I had with Marlene on Monday night.  iBooks.  I mean, it's better than nothing and I guess I could suck it up for one book, right?  Well ... I can not put my damn phone down.  I just want to read and read and read and read.  While I will never, ever fall out of love with the feel of turning crisp pages or the sound of a spine being gently creased, I have to say the convenience of iBooks is going to be a huge plus.  Once the kind of person who was almost never without a book in her purse, I remember often reading at home only to leave the next day, forgetting to put it back in my purse and being caught in a position to kill time with no book. Or bringing it to work to read at lunch only to forget it on my desk.  *gasp*  It was torture for me.  Well ... I never forget my phone.  Almost never.  I can count on two hands the amount of times I have forgotten my phone in the many years since I have had one.  So, as long as I am reading iBooks, I will likely never be without something to read again.  *bliss* 

The first book I purchased was Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.  Having only ever seen The Notebook, it was good to learn how great his written word is.  I am on pg 256 of 1095 and that was only after downloading the book at 1 am and not reading anything today.  Before you are overly impressed, keep in mind the side of an iPhone screen - there are only 17 lines on each page.  lol  On the downside, I was a little disgruntled over the price.  I paid $14.99 for the book - which is the same as if I went to Chapters and bought it there.  An electronic book.  Shouldnt those be cheaper because there is no use of paper or ink?  I thought one of the upsides to doing thing electronically was a slight reward of lower pricing.  Where is the incentive to encourage people to be more environmentally conscious if it is the same price either way?  I don't know.  Maybe I am just in the wrong frame of mind and just the knowledge that you did something is the kickback.  Anyone care to comment on that?

So, as I close the end of another long post --- dont worry.  i go back to work next week.  they will be neither as long, nor as frequent --- I will leave you with a photo of my first Art Journal Everyday step.  It's nothing more than cut paper (which is already labelled on the back) with tissue and gesso. I have a few ideas for what comes next but you'll just have to wait and see.  *wink*

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Art Journal Everyday

I was over perusing Rachel's blog where she posted and linked to this "Art Journal Everyday" challenge.  An art journal a day ... not a chance would I be signing up for that.  Seriously.  Thats just as good as signing my name on a failure contract for sure --- or so I thought.  Then I read more ...

The concept is to do something in an art journal every day NOT create an art journal page a day.  It means that you complete the challenge by simply adding one element each time.  Maybe one day you paint the background.  Then the next day you add some photos.  Day three finds you sticking down 2 letters for the title "ME."  And so on until you are done.  It may take 3 days.  It may take 8 but its something every day.  I think I am definitely going to give this a shot ... now to find me a journal.  Maybe have to take a trip to DeSerres tomorrow (yum) which is just double fun because I can get the watercolour paints and crayons I've been wanting PLUS workout at my new gym.  Yup!  Sounds like a good day planned for tomorrow.

So ... who's joining me on this challenge?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

One Little Word 2011

Welcome to 2011 and this years One Little Word.  I love that Ali Edwards inspires many to do this every year.  I love that I embrace it for the first few months but hate that I lose sight of it as life happens.  In the past, I used the word 'Baby' and 'Change' but this year, after much thought and mind changing, I have followed my heart to my one little word ... rediscover.

2011 will be about rediscovering all things.  New and old.  Simple and complex.  Creative and uncreative.  While I have a few items on a short list, there really are no bounds.  I can and will make up the rules as I go.  I think that is one of the highlights for me.  I'm in charge of how it plays out.  No waiting for fertility appointments to see if the connections between injections, ultrasounds and the big S were made like my 'Baby' year.  No concrete course of action needed to see evidence of 'Change' like last year.    Some rediscoveries will be well planned out - like a get together with a long lost friend to reconnect.  Others will be spontaneous and impromptu - like travelling somewhere for a day trip on a whim or rediscovering that one facial I enjoyed many years ago because I have two hours to kill before going somewhere.  This years word is what I make it and, for the most part, requires no one else to make it happen.  That peice of knowledge feels not only enlightening but empowering.  Not used to feeling empowered but I have to admit, I quite like it.

In the meantime, I have created my short list on paper for those rediscoveries I have planned and may also put them in a sidebar to check off as I go.  My goal is to journal them somehow.  I will use my blog as a way to capture them as the happen, of course but I really do want to have a tangible momento to relfect on for 2012.  While I would love nothing more than to say I will scrapbook this journey, I am not going to commit to that.  I know better.  What I will commit to is simply chronicalling my journey in a binder where anything can be added.  It may be a layout I created or something I wrote down on a lined piece of paper.  It may even be something as quick and the bag of a store I went to with the rediscovery date written on it.  Going with the flow will be my motto for this journal. 

As I bid everyone great things for this New Year, I will leave you with my quick list of things I hope to redicover.  I am excited to tell you that I already have one item checked off ... wooohoooo 2011.
  • rediscover the gym - i started this 'change' in September of last year and fell in love as i found my inner athlete, swimming my way to a healthier heart, lungs and body weight.  unfortunately, it became victim of the december schedule and it is a few days shy of one month since i have worked out.  monday ... i swim!  i have even a goal in mind thanks to a friend.  only 9 months to prepare.  eeks
  • rediscover my blogs - yes.  blogs.  i do have more than one.  i have this one which i hope to update once a week as well as my photography blog for the business i hope to one day have.  i also started a fitness blog to capture the journey to a smaller me but have only shared it with two people thus far so i figured new year, new start ... time to share.  so i am!
  • rediscover art - not just scrapbooking but art in all forms.  paint, paper, die cut machines, canvas, mini albums, photoshop editing and more.  maybe something once a week.  doesnt sound like much but, if you know exactly how (un)creative i've been, you understand that this goal is really huge.  i might even pack up and go to a crop every other month.  maybe.
  • rediscover photography - my camera has become dusty over these past months and the passion of capturing life in photos has dwindled as other things took over.  i need to make it a point to start taking it with me when i go places because you just never know when that inspiring moment will present itself
  • rediscover learning - at the beginning of last summer, i made the decision that i wanted to take the steps required to become a photographer as a (side) profession.  with so much to learn, i signed up for a course at algonquin but it didnt deliver as i had thought it would.  missing pieces of the puzzle stopped me from being able to progress as i wanted to but guess what?  i get to add my first check of 2011 here.  a couple of hours ago, i registered for an online maggie holmes photography workshop.  i have been looking at this course for several months and now ... here it is.  did i mention this is my first check of 2011.  i'm excited.
  • rediscover reading - simply put ... i love it, i miss it and its been way too long since i curled up with a tea and a great book. 
  • rediscover marriage - i always joke that i'm living the married single life as the wife of a self employed man who works very long hours, too many days in a row and is too tired to do anything when he finally has time off.  truth is i joke about it ... but i hate it.  we never go anywhere.  we never do anything.  we hid behind excuses that sound logical to us but really are only that ... excuses.  well not any more.  i understand that he works like a dog.  i understand that he really does just want to veg at home.  i understand that it needs to change and the both of is need make the committment to make it happen ... even if it is only once a month.  date one starts tomorrow.  brunch.  i love brunch but never go because that really is alot of food. tomorrow - -  i eat.  monday - - i work out.  :o)
It's time to take life, life it and REDISCOVER it ... one day at a time.  xxoo