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Sunday, June 22, 2008

** Get Well Soon **

A few days ago, my sweetest YaYa, Rachel, had some pretty major surgery done. I wanted to send this shout out back then but, as is true for every year, June is a crazy busy month for me. Somehow, this year is even more busy than before. That being said ...
I know I have been talking about a scrapping update and I promise, it is coming, it's just a matter of when. To date, I have done two mini albums and one shadow box with a second one to be done by Wednesday so that means, when I do post .... it's going to be a good one. Stay tuned!!
PS - Rach ... there is a picture floating around of you and I when we are at Mexi's. Do you have it? That's the one I would have loved to post.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Scrappin' Update

It is true. I really have been scrapping, I promise. I just didn't get to take photos before I had to pass my projects off to their new owners. One of them went to my Mom so I will be able to take photos of it at a later date. It was a quote frame like the one I did for myself and the other was a super quick, not very impressive,,12 page, 6x6 mini album. For now, all I can say is that I have witnesses from the Blackburn crop that can vouch I really did something creative! :) The project was for DH's best friend. His boss was changing jobs and he commissioned me to make a scrapbook for him to take with him. Luckily the boss is also a friend of ours so I may be able to get pictures of it someday too.
As for today, I have to do the other project I was commissioned to do which I will start when I get back from the auction with Tanya. It is a shadow box, for a teacher that supplies at my school, of her mother when she was younger. A gift for her 90th birthday. It will be of the vintage look and will hopefully turn out okay. It's one thing to be asked to create something for people ... it's a whole other thing when that person is a scrapbooker herself.
Enjoy your Sunday.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Little Visitor

Little Visitor, originally uploaded by Asillem (Mellisa).

Yet another photo from my outing with Marlene. She has the wonderful close up lenses that attach to the front of your lense. I think this was the 4x lens ... wish I had the macro on for it. I loved the lenses so much I had to run to Ebay and order my own. Now if I could just scratch this itch until they arrive! lol