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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who's Interested??

I'm in the mood for some "assembly line" type projects and thought I would put this out there for my few blog readers to see if there was any interest.  If you'd like, you are welcome to repost on your own blog, share with your friends or link them here for more information.  The more the merrier.

What I am proposing is an ATC/Artist Trading Card swap.  Something fun and artsy.  Simple and Sweet.  Something made in multiple quantities and shared with others.  I have a binder specifically for my ATCs but it is filling up none too fast.  Besides, how fun is it to have only my stuff in there anyways?  A variety of styles are best really and I would love to include something you made to the mix.   Not sure what an ATC is?  Click here for a description, here for some samples provided by Google Images, here for samples provided by an ATC Flickr group or here for tutorials on YouTube.

If you are interested, please sign up by commenting below.  If I don't have your contact information, please use the 'Email Me' link on the right of the page to send me your email address.  (I will need this once the swap is closed to share my snail mail address in order for items to be mailed to me).  Sign ups are no later than Friday March 4th with a postal date no later than Friday March 25th.  This will allow three weeks for the creative process once final numbers are posted. 

How the swap works:
  • You will make one ATC card, of the same style, for every person in the swap, including yourself. 
  • On the back of each ATC card, you will include your name and date (March 2011).  You may also include your blog address and edition information.  (ie 1of 25, 2/25, etc.  the second number may change depending on the final number of people in the swap.)  This part is up to you.
  • The swap will be capped at 25 participants. (not that I am anticipating that many - but that would be most excellent, I have to admit!)  
  • Items will be placed in the mail no later than Friday March 25th and will include a self-addressed stamped envelope with one additional stamp in the package 'just in case.' - depending on the materials used, the package you receive may be slightly heavier than the one you sent.
  • It is recommended that ATC cards are placed in a ziplock bag, with a seperate piece of paper that has has your mailing address, in order to provide extra protection should damage come to your mailing envelope.  This step is completely optional. 
  • I will sort the ATC cards, repackage and have postal to you no later than Friday March 8th.  This allows two weeks for your items to get to me, be resorted into new packages and mailed out. 
  • Note that if all ATCs are received before the deadline, items will go postal before Friday March 8th.
ATCs really are fun pieces of miniature art that allow us to go out of the box, whether it be with our scrapbooking or our mixed media skills.  ATCs allow you to create either in or out of your comfort zone - anything goes.  It is a great way to try new things and experiment with different ideas and styles.  Also, there is something about creating an assembly line of the same that feels almost rewarding and accomplishing.

If all goes well and an interest is expressed, I would definitely be up for doing more ATC swaps in the future.
** crossing my fingers. ** hopefully there is interest.

As always, happy creating and I hope to see the most comments ever on my blog.  You know you want to ... :o)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweet Angel Baby

In October 2010, I went to NavCan with some friends. Page kits in hand, I also brought along a little chipboard angel wing album I had picked up a while back. Not sure if I was going to do it or not, I packed embellishments and paints leaving it as an option if I felt pulled towards making the mini ... and I did.

Those who know me, know that I have experienced the worst heartache ever imaginable - the loss of a child. While Hannah's time with us but a mere moment, it is a moment that I cherish dearly and that lives strongly in my heart as if it were yesterday. A moment that I wouldn't trade for the world. A moment that is worth every last ounce of pain and heartache that went with it because, along with that pain and heartache came smiles and laughter and love. Incredible love. Immense love that can only be felt when you look at your new baby, regarldess of the circumstances.

October 25th marked our 8th year without her. It is in all likelihood that those moments I held, bathed, dressed, sang to and loved Hannah are the only moments of Mommyhood I will ever experience. It is not okay, but this is my life and so I live it. And by living it, I celebrate the moments creating and recreating with the only photos I have of those brief few hours.

As always, I toy with posting this album. I worry that I will offend or upset others and if I do, I am truly sorry. Out of respect for my few readers, I have blocked her out. Hopefully that is enough not to upset anyone. With regards to this post, I have actually started and deleted versions of it time and time again, trying to get the nerve to share something that many skoff at --- but the reality is this: I have a daughter. Her name is Hannah Grace. I love her more than I can say and miss her just as much. My heart beams with pride and happiness when I think of her and when I talk about her and, for this reason and this reason alone, I have decided to share album photos. I am sharing my sweet baby girl. My angel baby. The one thing in life I know I almost did right.

Mommy loves you, sweetest angel. ...xox...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Christmas Gifts Revisited

Before Christmas, I spent some time, with my good friend Marlene, and her delicious beads that she has for her bead business, Licorice Whip Designs. I used a few of her pieces as inspiration for some of the gifts I made for people (why invent the wheel, right?) and came up with some designs in my own. After a beading day at Auntie Ems, I also created a necklace for my sister using something that Laura made in another class she took. I have to say it was alot of fun and, thankfully, everyone I gave presents to loved them - always a worry for me whenever I give anything handmade as a gift. (point in case -- two pieces that I made out of swarovski pearls and crystals that was definitely not liked at all. alot of time and effort went into it - and it wasnt cheap either - for me to take it back. ah well. lesson learned even though i really should have known better. haha) I discovered a HUGE problem with this method though ... I liked everything I was making. I mean, really liked it. Like "I want one too" liked it. So everyone's Christmas gifts because my Christmas gifts too. One for them. One for me. Good theory, right? I'd like to think so.

I am teaching a couple of classes at Auntie Ems over March Break. March Break Madness for kids, to be exact. I have a Lesley Langdon inspired canvas for one and to another canvas project to work on this week alone with a couple of beading projects for the younger kiddies to do. Trying to create for 8+ and 10+ is a bit challenging, I have to admit but it will definitely be fun ... I just hope people sign up! I am also teaching a bracelet class on the 26th as well as another class, yet to be determined. Very exciting.

Speaking of Auntie Em's ... she is hosting a NavCan weekend on April 8, 9, & 10. She will not be bringing her store however, I do believe that a field trip will be planned for those who wish to do some shopping. If my numbers are correct, it is $195.00/person to share a room and $265.00 if you want to have your own room. I know that there are some suites available but those numbers I am not sure about. Will I see you there?

Off to enjoy a creative day in the 'studio' (i dont only scrap there, right? sure!) as well as a creative day behind the mop and broom with dishpan hands covered in laundry lint. Sounds divine, doesnt it?

ETA - I've been trying to add photos for several hours now but it's just not working.  Am I the only one having trouble with this new "Google Cloud Picker" thing?  I've even reduced the sizes from 6mb to 539kb and it keeps telling me that the feature I have requested is unavailable or the circles just keep turning but the upload never happens.  Grr.  Beyond frustrating.  I guess I will have to try again another time -- or another post.  Sorry! 

ETA pt. 2 - Looks like lucky attempt number 23 is the charm.  Grr.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Go Packers, Go.

I started this bracelet a while back and finished it on Friday night while at Auntie Ems.  We are going to do a class on it at the store so I kept the colours neutral and, in hindsight, there is one spot that I will add another bead.  It was a pretty straight forward design that I will definitely make again ... but in a more colourful fashion next time.

Tonight, during Superbowl, I will bead my way through the plays, also making something else for a class that I will teach at Auntie Ems. I have to say ... this design team stuff is fun (and it doesnt hurt that Emma & Laura are pretty awesome too.)

Speaking of Superbowl Sunday ... Stéphanie *ahem* Where are my pictures?? I asked and asked and asked and asked alas ... pas de photo. That's okay though ... this year you will owe ME one when the PACKERS win. Go green!!! Not sure what I am talking about? Each year, Stéphanie and I make a little scrapbooking wager as to who is going to win the Superbowl. The first two years I won and am now the proud owner to two Stéphanie layouts. Last year she won however this year .... I am going to reclaim my title.

I continue to work on my Art Journal Everyday, little bits at a time, and am now doing a page for an art journal swap I am doing too.  Yesterday I spent part of the day making paper flowers as well.  A couple of them turned out well but there is one style that I just can not figure out and, if I am doing it the right way, the results are certainly not the same.  I have discovered that art journalling is way out of my comfort zone but I won't give up.  Hopefully it will one be well within my level of comfort ... hopefully.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

House of 3

As promised, here are the photos of my mini album.  I am still not sure why I kept getting a rejection error from blogger.  Strange.  Anywhoo...

Once again, the mini was created with Bo Bunny's Peacock Lane.  The embellishments are minimal and the album was quick (well, as far as the word 'quick' works for me.) but it definitely gets the point across.

House of 3

 Inside Cover

 page 1

 Page 2

 Page 3

 Page 4

 Page 5

Page 6

At the end of the day, I will very likely go back and add more, especially some journalling but, for now, it's done. (which means no more Peacock Lane ..woohooo!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Baby's 12 & a mini

I see people write that all the time.  "My Baby's ___ !!!" but have never been able to nor will I likely ever be.  Two legged babies just don't seem to be in the cards for me but I do have my four legged babies.  More babies than pets, I have to admit.  Tucker, my oldest dog, is 12 today.  I can't believe it.  No one can.  He is still so spry and energetic - it's wonderful.  Happy Birthday, my Tucky-luck.  Heres to many, many more years together. 

On the creative front, I have been busy.  I actually did a quick mini with the leftover goodies from Bo Bunny's "Peacock Lane" entitled 'House of Three' (and thank you House of 3 ladies for lending me your company name for my mini. ).  Each insert has a title and, when read together, the titles read:

Brother and sister, through the years. 
Siblings by chance, friends by choice. 
Always and forever, I love you.

I still struggled with this line because it is just not me but it was fun working out of the norm, despite that struggle.  I think maybe next time I work out of the norm, I will do it by scrap lifting a layout.  Who knows ... it might be yours.  *wink*

ETA - okay.  we're all outta luck for now.  For some reason it wont let me upload any more pictures and I've tried a ton of things.  I guess it's going to have to wait until later today - when the bugs are hopefully all worked out.  It 1:32am and I need to hit the sack!

Sweet Dreams.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome back, Mellisa

So the results aren't great but they are just that .... results.  I did my first scrapbook page in about a year.  Maybe more.  It was using the Peacock line from Bo Bunny and very difficult for me.  While the colours are beautiful, they are not the ones that I normally to work with.  But I challenged myself .... and I am done.  Here is a nice little tease to get you interested but, if you want to see the whole thing, then you need to visit me here.