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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Urban Tranquility

Urban Tranquility, originally uploaded by Asillem (Mellisa).

I spent the day Saturday with Marlene visiting a few places in Ottawa. The first place we went to was the beautiful Notre Dame Catherdral on Sussex Dr. Religious or not, it is a sight to behold.

This photo was taken in a park on Wellington and Bay St. Its a piece of solice on the middle of this bustling city. Funny thing is ... I now see it for it's beauty rather than the swimming structure I used it for many years ago.

On a side note ... this entry officially turns my blog into a photography and scrapbooking blog rather than just a scrapbooking blog. Looks like the updates will be closer together now. :-)


barb said...

I love this photo! It's beautiful. I trust that you and Marlene had a good time and got lots of great photos on Saturday. :)

Thanks for dropping my stuff off before you headed out.

Btw, you need to make your blog wider so I can see your pictures properly... not that I have any clue how to do this on blogger. lol. Anyway, I had to download it onto my computer to view the whole thing. ;)

tinascrapbooking said...

Loving the photos!!

Marlene said...

Glad to see you got the flickr link thing happening - LOL. This picture turned out great!

Stay funny said...

Beautiful pic!
Happy that you had a relaxing w-end! Wishing that your week goes by fast!

Rachel Tops AKA "Doodlebug4444" said...

AN UPDATE.. WAHOO!! I assume now that this is a photography and scrapbooking blog that this means we'll be seeing more of your work! I hope so!

Gorgeous pi.. and I love how the shadows (if that is infact shadowing)cast a darkness on it with the bright sky in the back! It's gorgeous!

Glad your getting out and snapping pics! You must be getting the hang of some of your features on that baby of yours!


Kataroo said...

yahooo more updates lol :)

Barbara said...

That place looks very inviting. It makes me long for the hot days of summer, dangling my feet in a fountain like that.