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Thursday, July 3, 2008


I made this very simple shadow for the teacher I spent the year working with. Truth be told, she is the best teacher that I have ever worked with. To have had her as a teacher myself would have been a blessing. She is a self proclaimed grouch who can pull incredible amounts of knowledge and confidence from any student blessed to be in her class. She is respectful, caring, loving, crabby, creative and funny. Kids dread going into her class only to realize that, while she is strict, she does it in a way that exudes acceptance and respect. Each child reaches beyond their expectations in some way, shape or form, at least once during the year and fills with pride because of their success. I have come to love and respect this teacher on many levels - as a teacher; as a colleague; as a mentor; as a woman.

*note - there are details on the photos that didnt show up well in the picture taking. Each photo has a rub on detail of some sort. Photos are on three different levels giving it some depth and dimension. While it truly is very simple, it looks much better IRL. I also put this together with relative speed so the attention to detail and overall layout of photos and embellishments is not my favourite. She, on the other hand, absoltely LOVED it so .... I guess that is all that matters. :)


Stay funny said...

it's beautiful Mell and like you said, she loved it and that what is important! Love the colors!

Rachel Tops AKA "Doodlebug4444" said...

This is so thoughful! I bet she gushed all over it! Did ya take a pic of you giving it to her??


barb said...

Oh oh oh! I love that gift you created for her. It's beautiful. You are incredibly talented and very generous. :)

As for the teacher you worked with... that is very high praise coming from you. I know you take your job very seriously, so for you to say all that about her... she must be amazing! What a blessing for those kids to have been in her class this year!

Hope you're having a great summer vacation. I'll have to e-mail you to let you know what my grocery shopping schedule's going to be for the summer! lol