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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Power of Forgiveness

While my blogging hiatus continues, I do feel that it is important to breach it one last time to share one of the layouts I have created as of late. Because of the inspiration, among other things, that I felt to create it, I also felt compelled to put it out there as well. Done in my gawd-awful handwriting, I felt it was more important to use that than the computer as it is more from-the-heart and personal than the other way. It is not the greatest of creations nor is it the greatest of representations but I think - - - I hope - - - it is the greatest representation of how I am feeling.


Kataroo said...

OK so very weird...I haven't checked your blog in awhile b/c you were taking a I swear I powered up my laptop from off...hit the browser button and it opened to this page...i don't know how (hello God)....beautiful page....beautiful to look at but even more beautiful to read....I love that you did it in your handwriting which is perfect by the way.

Thank-you for your love and friendship and forgiveness.

Rachel said...


I think you have found you scrapping inner BG... and I LOVE THIS LO! I am SO HAPPY you wrote in your handwriting (which I have always told you I love... you and I think your theme is very insightful! Forgiveness in general is so hard to do and when you add your close relationships to that recipe it's even harder! You are very eloquent (sp?) in the way you share that with us!

Get out of your hiatus.. it's driving me bonkers!! LOL

Had a blast on Wed... and I can't wait for the next one! WINK


barb said...

Mellisa, I'm so glad to see this post from you. I LOVE this LO... truer words have not been spoken. Such wisdom, and it even looks GREAT to boot, because wow... I LOVE your handwriting! (and for the record, I'm with Rach... get out of your scrappin' hiatus already! lol)