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Thursday, March 26, 2009

This, that & the other

*** A quick "pre blog post note" since this has actually been sitting in my draft file for 5 days now. I just came in from letting the dog in from the beautiful out of doors. There, fluttering about, was a colourful butterfly .... in March. I hope the pretty creature has a safe place to hide should the freezing rain they are calling for, on Saturday, arrive. A butterfly in March .... hmm!

Also, a new 'develeopment' since my post about walking in the weekend to end cancer. After doing the training research as well as putting in persective the amount of money that must be raised in order to walk, I have come to the conslusion that this may not be the year for me. I am very sad about that. On the training part, I really do think I could walk the 30kms without a problem. It's the fundraising part ... which I hear is a tough one. Especially considering that, if you don't raise the minimum amount, you can't walk. ($1250/1 day $2000/2 days) So ... I have promised myself that, next year, I will do the TWO DAY walk, giving myself lots of time to train and raise money. That being said, I have officially volunteered to be an event volunteer. I am just awaiting my assignment. If I can't give one way, I can give another. ***

Back to your already delayed blog post ... from Monday. :o)

Things have finally quieted down after a month of craziness. Some of it by choice, alot of it by obligation. Either way, not a moment to myself - but for 3 days - in an entire month. Between nieces sleeping over and doing outings with them, family visiting from both Hamilton & Alberta, more gatherings with other family members getting together with friends and a bunch of home improvement stuff, I haven't touched a creative outlet in just as long. Hopefully that will change as I soon begin an attempt at digi-scrapbooking for our schools flyer that will go out in the mail. No pressure. In the meantime ... Tanya, Renee and I went to Rideau Antiques this past Friday. This time around, I made sure that my camera battery was charged so I would be able to capture the craziness on film. Afterwards, we drove into Merrickville for some lunch and local shopping on the main drag. What great little stores they have there. I fell in love with ... well, alot! Here are some pictures of Rideau Antiques. Very overwhelming and daunting but fun to dig and come across that perfect find. Going to Rideau Antiques? Just remember one thing - - when someone yells "Marco" you must reply "Polo" or risk the chance of never being seen again....


Rachel said...

GOOD HEAVENS...look at all the loot! LOL Glad to hear you are getting time in with family and friends! I bought the twilight movie on Saturday and was wondering if you got your crazy arse out there to get it too?!



Marlene said...

That looks like quite the place to get lost - LOL. I am up for a photo shoot anytime now - are you free tomorrow? It is supposed to be a beautiful day!

Closet Artist said...

Ok I am PISSED that you have to raise a certain amount or you can't participate!!!!! Isn't the whole point to raise money? So they won't accept the couple of hundred a person may raise and let them be a part of it? The organizers should be ashamed!!!!
GREAT photos! I just shared them with my hubby and all he said was the standard phrase many say after being in that place, "WOW"!!

Closet Artist said...

Oh and did you get a good close look at that butterfly? I bet he was wearing a tiny toque and scarf!! LOL Brave or crazy little guy!