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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

English ... or Philosophy?

As I mentioned before, I am signed up for English Literature 1000. Now, dont ask me why, but I always had the perception that it would be along the lines of talking about literature and learning how to read a story and dissect it, talking about things like why did the author say this or who do these two characters do this? Well, after my sister told me about the webCT site, I went exploring. What did I find? My syllabus! Finally. Now I know what I will be reading. I also learned that my professor is the only first year English prof that uses podcasts ... and there was one waiting that gave an overview of what we will be doing this year: - this section focuses on how well you can put an argument on paper (which, he says, is not as easy as it seems) - gone are the days of the high school, 5 paragraph approach to essay writing. - Lots of tips and ideas given for argumentative essays using coherent sentences. - we will be answering the big questions like Who am I? Where am I? What I am doing here? - we will spend alot of time looking at the meaning of life, how we determine meaning and how to we determine meaning for ourselves. - Is there a god? is there NOT a god? Does really even matter if there is or isnt one? - How powerful can our thoughts really be? - all of the above questions use literature as the framework to explore these. So now I ask you this.... is this something that is common to come across in an English Literature class? I can't say that I am not very intrigued. I am just a little caught off-guard, I think, because I never expected this out of the course. I expected more analysis of story lines, what do you think the author meant, why do you think these characters related to eachother that way, etc. Honestly, I have no clue why I even had this perception ... I just did. Maybe that is just my college mind where things were alot more concrete than abstract. In the meantime, I continue to go from "wow, I am doing this" to "OMG! what am I thinking? Can I really do this?" Time will tell.

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Closet Artist said...

That reads more like a Philospphy syllabus than an English one to me. Hmmm quite the interesting approach to the class.

And to answer the question "Is there a God?" of course there is! If not then who pops up the next kleenex in the box!! lol That's one you can present to your professor!! lol