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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Digital Photography Basics

I have spent the last couple of weeks attending classes to learn more about photography.  Twice a week I travel to Algonquin with hopes of having a positively wonderful experience learning about a form of art that I have come to love very much.  Photography truly does make my heart happy.  It pulls me in.  It calls my name.  It screams "be creative and capture life's moments."  It makes me want to freeze frame that special time in someone's life so that they can look back and feel the emotion of the day several years later.  I want to take photos that make the people looking into the lense feeling as fulfilled as the person behind the lense.

As the class begins to move past the dry, technical necessities of learning about ones camera, we are now beginning to learn about techniques like 'depth of field' and 'motion.'  We are being encouraged to leave the auto mode and shoot in Av as much as possible ... something I am fortunate enough to have been doing from (almost) the beginning, thanks to many outings with Marlene - who is a phenominal photographer.  While I have many shots that have captured Depth of Field, they were not all done so by technique alone.  Some were just lucky shots.  It's time to stop partially relying on luck and focus on making it happen when I want it to.

We started getting our assignments this week.  We don't have a bunch of little projects but one big one due at the beginning of the last class (June 23rd).  My mind is racing and spinning and full of ideas.  I am going to have so much fun reaching these goals and trying different things to create a final product that I am happy with all while boosting my confidence.

I do have an ultimate goal.  I know where I want to go with all the knowledge I will obtain as I pass through each course.  Sometimes I feel really silly for thinking that this is something I can do.  I mean, who does this at 36?  Most photographers are established by now.  But then I remind myself that it's never too late to learn and that reassures me.  Now all I need to do is convince myself that someone would actually want to pay me to take photos of them - especially with the form of photography that I would like to create a small side business with.  (can you imaging having two jobs you love?  *sigh*)  Ahhh confidence .... wish me luck.

On the creative front, I finally finished the canvas I started a while back.  K doesn't like it.  "It's not your best work," he says.  Hmmph.  Well then ...   For the amount of time I spent making those flowers, I am hanging it somewhere! 

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Anonymous said...

Where's the pic of the canvas??!! you tell K to be nice!!!! or else!


Stay Funny said...

Ahhhhhh really - well I really love it!

Hope you are having a good week - here getting the the little things and big things i have to do before next Sat - hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii oufffffffffff it's allot!

Reminder about the white Capris.... Thanks

Closet Artist said...

I told you we would pay you, so can we be first? lol

And yeah, as Heather already noted, where's the canvas??????????????

Kataroo said...

So glad your having such an amazing experience in your class :)

Rachel said...

Never too late to learn indeed! Looking froward to seeing some more of your work! :)


Barb said...

Hurray for learning, no matter what age you are! And hurray for new adventures. :)