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Friday, September 3, 2010

** Shhhppppppffffft **

That's the sound that of the first pickle jar being opened 10 minutes ago.  I couldn't resist and I had to go against my nature .... I tried a room temperature dill pickle.  I hate warm pickles.  I was going just for the flavour and had only intended on eating a bite of a small one until I heard it.  That delectable and delightful  crrrunch of my teeth biting into the delicious pickled cucumber.  The dill flavour is strong and the garlic is definitely present .... perfection!  My sister-in-law and I nailed it.  I can't wait til they are cold and I will eat them as a tasty treat tonight.  Maybe ... just maaaaybeeeee ... I'll even share with you one day.  ;o)

Enjoy your long weekend. Summer will officially be over.


Kataroo said...

that was hilarious:) now I want a damn pickle LOL

Rachel said...

LOL .... pickle never had a chance! ;)