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Thursday, April 7, 2011

She's coming! She's really coming!!

While there are many scrapbooking 'celebrities' I would love to meet, spend time with and/or create with, there are only three people that are at the top of my list.  I couldn't even place then first second or third ... i just want to meet them.  So far I have been lucky enough to meet two of them - Donna Downey and Tim Holtz.  Their classes were inspiring and fun.  So much learned, knowledge shared and techniques applied. 

While the third one has yet to be met, I am so excited that I get to spend another weekend creating with Donna Downey at The Scrapbox.  Sooooooo excited.  Sooooooo thrilled.  As always, her projects will be awesome and full of wonderful mixed media techniques.  My promise to myself is to let go.  Just let it go and enjoy the process.  No analyzing.  No well thought out plans.  Just letting the paint fall where it may.  So easy for others - so hard for me.  I am definitely a Type A who is trying to become well acquainted with the Type B I know is hiding within me.

The project teasers are so tempting.  Can you be tempted enough to call the 'box and join us?


 Butterfly Moments

Heart's Intention

PS - if you're wondering who the third person is, it's Ali Edwards.  I love, love, love her too.



Closet Artist said...

I HATE working Saturdays!!!!!
Her last visit was so much fun so I know you will have a GREAT time!

Kataroo said...

I think I may have to for go this, Frodo's emergency on Sunday was very costly, and the new pup...heck my much needed running shoes before the animal emergncies were $ bank account is not looking good :( I feel like I should be responsible, but I am so tempted to just take the fri night class I mean I so need a Mother's Day present...I would so love to meet her in real life : )
Back to you though :) I am so happy your going to get a full weekend in your creative element with her :)

Stay Funny said...

Yeah can't wait! will get back to you on your request of earlier this week. Hugs xo

Rachel said...

You are gonna have a blast girl ... can't wait to see your spin on her projects! :)

R :)