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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bath Time Fun

Close your eyes and visualize this ... bright, bold colours, buttons, bling, stickles, flowers, deco scissors and the above pictures (plus two not shown) all in Heidi Swapp's pink-with-white-circles file folder mini album. You will just have to trust and take my word for it -- I really did scrap!! All I have to say is fromage, baby. Trés cheesy! Definately not something I am going to eagerly post on my blog for all to see. :~)
I went completely out of my box on this one. No rhyme or reason. Simply by the seat of my pants. The handwriting went right on to the layout without printing in pencil first or caring about having my 'best' penmenship on there. (I rarely use my own handwriting for journalling and most definately not without using a ruler, pencil and eraser first).
One thing I have definately learned from this project ... I like my box and all that is it in. I like that I measure and cut and am precise. I like that I lay out most of the elements before gluing them to my page. I like that I can be mind-boggling anal about spacing and distance and like things to be perfectly symmetrical when they should be. I think that I will definately stay in my box for a long time to come.

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