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Sunday, March 16, 2008

7 Random Facts About Me

I've Been Tagged ... I never do these things on my scrapbooking/creative blog but, since Rachel tagged all 4 of her Ya-Ya's, how can I be the odd man out. So, because she asked, I shall respond.
  1. I love to watch reruns of shows like A Different World, Cosby Show, etc.
  2. I love watermelon. I love peaches. I hate anything watermelon or peach flavoured (gum, juice, etc.)
  3. When I was 17, I joined my friends and became a smoker. I was "only" a light smoker (2 packs/week if that) and am thankful that it only lasted for about a year.
  4. I do not have a high school diploma although I do have one from Algonquin College from the Developemental Services Worker program.
  5. While I do not drink and have only been drunk two or three times, I do like the taste of tequila.
  6. I have been chewing the same brand and flavour of gum for at least 16 years. (light blue extra, of course)
  7. When I was a little girl, Captain Kirk was my imaginary friend. He went everywhere with me then. Years later, he even came to my wedding. :)


barb said...

Okay, those are HILARIOUS! Captain Kirk?! rofl Melly, you are priceless, my friend. (((hug)))

Kataroo said...

please explain captain kirk going to your wedding????

Barbara said...

Hey! How cool. I'm a Developmental Service Worker too. ...OK well, actually, the year I graduated was when they changed the name from Mental Retardation Counsellor to DSW so I'm officially an MRC.

I worked in the field for 12 years until we moved abroad, and then decided to stay home with my boys.