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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Ya-Ya's Get Published.

Each month, Becky Fleck creates Page Maps (or sketches) to help ease the scrapper's mind when creating. Last month, my friend Rachel, was asked to do a sketch to appear in the March newsletter. To see more of Rachel's work, you can visit her blog .. and don't forget to leave comments.
On another note, Stéphanie has some exciting news coming up ... but I can't spill the beans quite yet so keep on checking back or visit Stéph's blog for details which shouldnt be too far off now.
ETA - Congratulations to Stephanie for being selected as a guests designer for Making Memories blog. For details about this wonderful event in her scrapping life, please read her blog.
In the midst of selling her house (no comment), Miss Tanya had a layout published in Canadian Scrapbooker. I believe it is on page 96. Check out her blog and hopefully she will post it for all who do not buy the magazine to see.
Last but not least, the 4th Ya-Ya will be published soon too. Memory Makers will feature one of her layouts but I am not sure when. To check out Katie's yummy work, visit her blog and don't forget to ponder a look at her you-tube fiasco .... er, experience .... er, fun! (teeheeehee)
to all 4 of my Ya-Ya's on their published success.
YAY FOR YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kataroo said...

ahhhh how sweet, thank-you :)

Kataroo said...

ahhhh how sweet, thank-you :)

Stay funny said...

thanks Mell, what a great recap! You need to jump on the "hayride" too...! I know for those who will read my comments you will laugh... it's an inside betwin the 5 of us... me being French and using my onw twist on the english proverbs!

barb said...

Aaaah, how awesome is that! You guys are all truly talented. And, ahem... that includes YOU too, Mel! :)