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Sunday, September 21, 2008

So Very Proud

This is my entry for class two of Bad Girl's Top Designer. The goal was to use a minimum of two patterened papers. For me, this layout was all about simpliticity and letting the moment speak for itself. It was a reflection of a time and age - when life was so simple and sweet and wonderful and innocent. Because of it's simplicity, I doubt it will be the one to get me to round three but at least TD got me scrapping again. Let's hope it sticks! A total of 4 patterened papers were used - 2 of which were home made. I used a website template to create primary paper in which I attempted my very best school-worthy writing to journal with. The second home made pattern paper was also downloaded from the internet and printed on cardstock. I then had my nephew colour the animals and write his name. He was given two papers 'just in case' and wound up doing them both. I cut out the animals of the second paper (I even cut out where he went out of the lines) and used pop-up dots to add dimension to the page.


barb said...

Well well well... I must say that the simplicity and bright colours of this page are PERFECTLY delightful in my eyes. But you had to know that, right?! ;)

Good luck in Round 2. I love it, and I think it shows a lot of creativity and a great eye for design... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Stay funny said...

I really Love it Mell.
Love that you made 2 patterns by your self (heyyyy pretty nice hand writting by the way...) and love that the prints of animals; cool idea! It was a bummer that you were not able to be with us the full w-end but your visit on friday was a bite short but a delight! Have a great week!

Diva Loca said...

Hey Melissa!

It was great getting a brief visit in with you too on Friday...and especially doing one of the greatest things...SHOPPING!

take care,

Kataroo said...

Love the coloring your nephew did and how you even cut outside the lines with him :)

one and one + two said...

It was great to meet you on Friday! Hopefully we will meet again at another class or crop. Love this layout - your nephew is a cutie!

Barbara said...

great layout. Good luck with the next round.