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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Go Cardinals, Go!!

I sit here today, with my sweet friend, Stéphanie, as we wait patiently for the Superbowl to begin. It's our annual Superbowl together. The boys in one room and the gals in the other - scrapping and running out for commercials. Each year we have a bet to see who's team is going to win. I have won two years in a row (poooooooor Stéph - muuuahahaha.) The loser owes the winner a layout. I wonder what next years prize is going to look like. Can't wait to see it, ma belle. (teeheeheee)
Stéphanie highjacking Mell's blog post.... GOOOOOOOOO STEELERS GO!!!!!
Ok.... back to your regularly scheduled blog.
Well then .. now that life makes sense and the Cardinals are about to WIN ... I want to thank Tanya for fixing up my blog for me. Lots of work, I know, but I do appreciate it. For my non-musical bloggers ... you will see that I have (well - Tanya has) put my playlist front and center. Easy for you to pause or change at your discretion. I will be back to gloat later about my third victory. (or eat humble pie ... but I am staying optimistic!)

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Closet Artist said...

What a fun time and a great way to spend superbowl Sunday. Can't wait to see the outcome of the game and the loser's LO.
Have fun bellas!