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Friday, February 6, 2009

*Our Weekend Escape* *Fun Days of Summer*

I created these two layouts last night trying to use up more of my stash. I have alot of the MM Passport line so I just did them in that. These photos were taken on our girls weekend in Montreal this past August. As a momento, we all had our charicatures done with "Montreal" written on them. All journalling is on the back of the layouts and both are from Beckyy Fleck's February Pagemaps. Unforunately, my new printer/fax/scanner sucks - but it gets the job done for now. Even slightly blurry, you get the just of the concept.

In the meantime, he is a You-tube remake that will likely get a chuckle. Someone from school showed it to me last week then Stephanie and I had a good chuckle over it on Superbowl Sunday.

If you need some sweetness, check out this cute 3 year old. I found it when I was looking for the Punjabi Thriller link.


Stay Funny said...

Wow you're on a roll!
2 in 1 night that's great!!!
I see shopping tripe in a few weeks if you continu that rate!

Tanya said...

mell...those layouts turned out great...I was not a huge fan of the passport line, but afer seeing what you can do with it has changed my mind a wee bit:)