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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

** Quadruple drool **

FINALLY!!  I have the phone of my dreams .... and I am in love.  I am hooked and I am in love.  I am addicted and hooked and in love.  *sigh*  It is so shiny and pretty.  With this post I now state my disclaimer that, if I seem lost or unable to be found, please know that I am safe and am merely in a quiet, secluded place playing with this wonderful new gadget and exploring app after app after app.  I guess that means that the ATCs will be shared in a day or two then, eh?  But dont worry ... I already used the iPhone to snap the picture!  OHHHHH i am in loves.


Closet Artist said...

You deserve a new toy and don't forget to get the flashlight app!! lol Why get that one? Cause you can!!! lol

Stay Funny said...

Looks amazing!
Enjoy your new toy ♥ xx

Diva Loca said...

welcome to a dangerous but fun addiction!!!

i plan to have mine buried with me

when you find yourself on the toilet with it, you know it's officially time for the 12-step program!


tinascrapbooking said...

Let me know if you find any cool apps!! Have fun :)