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Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Break Photo Mania

It's been three years since I gathered my fruit salad for photos.  (fruit salad = nieces and nephews.  there is a story behind how they became that to me and why each group of sweetness is the fruit they are).  I started with my Apples over March Break.  With the weather so wonderful, it was hard to pass up an outing with the camera.  Fortunately, Megan, Jessica and Brianna were all ready for a day of fun, photography and the antics of their crazy Aunt Lola.  (Aunt Lola = another story.  we have lots of 'em).  Now if only the skies were more blue and the grass was greener .... but I am definitely not complaining.  We had a great day and a wonderful time together.  Here are a few unedited photos.  I want to do some editing in photoshop but have no clue where to start to achieve what I want so, for now, here are a few of the 340-something photos I took during our time together.  A couple blurry, a blemish here and there ... but nothing short of special (to me) none-the-less. 

On a creative note, I went to the Scrapbox last Friday for of evening of creative fun with Stéphanie.  I had this idea to do a canvas using acrylic paints and utilizing what I learned when I took Donna Downey's class a year ago. What does that translate to?  Why drippage, of course.  I got the 40x16 canvas painted but want to teak my colours and layers a bit.  I also made 4 flowers our of canvas but alas ...  I didn't love them so today, during another day of creating with friends, I made more handmade flowers.  More time consuming than I anticipated, I only got a few done but can I just say "satin & silk + glimmer mist = love, love love"  I can't wait to make some more tomorrow.  Hopefully I will finish the canvas in the next few days so I can share soon.

Happy Sunday.


Closet Artist said...

Show some more please!
Also don't forget as the weather improves, I want to book our family photo shoot.

Oh and you can't tease us about working on a canvas and then not show us!!!! Come on, I want to see itttttttttttt!!

Rachel said...

My god they have gotten so big and are no longer those girls in the bubble bath .. they are turning into beautiful young women!

Looking forward to seeing that canvas! :)

R :)

Kataroo said...

Beautiful work :) Love that red building in the background.

Stay Funny said...

Loving you pictures Mell!
What a fun evening it was... thanks for joinning me and "the girlz" from the Scapbox! Can't wait to see your project completed!

Stay Funny said...
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Stay Funny said...

Looks like my comment was put twice.... so I deleted one! :)

Barb said...

Saw these photos on facebook and LOVED them the first time... and I'm still loving them now. They're so pretty, and you're a super-talented photographer, Melly. <3