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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Circle Art Journal - v. 1.0

Over the past few months, some ladies and I have been participating in an Art Journal Exchange.  For this semi-type A personality (and I say 'semi' because I really do believe that I call in the middle of both categories in so many ways), it was a great opporunity to try my hand at different things and stretch beyond my creative norm.  One thing I learned is that I seem to be okay at doing backgrounds but, for the front runner type stuff, I am seriously lacking.  Fortunately however, I will have the opportunity to expand further as we prepare to bring Circle Art Journal v. 2.0. --- both with the front page type stuff and some very cool Pan Pastels.  (now I just have to watch Donna's video so I can fully understand how to use them and that they arent just something that you would smear across your page with a sponge.  novel idea if I do say so myself!!)

Because I didn't take photos each time I completed an entry, I am not able to share the ones that I did for others - with the exception of two that were taken off Facebook and Rosa's blog.  (thanks ladies!) - so I will share with you all the wonderful entries into my journal created by some very talented women.  (eta:  after uploading photos, I realized that I am missing Katie's second creation.  the pages must've been stuck together.  sadly, i am way down here and it is way up there and i am just too darn lazy at this moment to put my camera together and go take that second shot, upload, edit then post so I will save that one for a later day.)  It was a night of great laughs as we revealed eachothers journals to one another.  Thanks again for hosting, Katie.  I look forward to sharing after the next round.




Stéphanie 1


Stéphanie 2
Mellisa for Rosa -- my very first art journal entry.



HeatherFeather said...

Very cool!!!! My personal favourite is "Hey sexy girlfriend"!!! And I TRIPLE LOVE the beauty of all that blue that you put in Rosa' makes me happy....

PPS Yours is the first I have planned for the next round!!! Yeah Me! Yeah You!

one and one + two said...