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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good things come to those who wait ....

Tim Thomas
Boston Bruins Goalie
Stanley Cup Champions
and thats exactly what happened last night as the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1970 ... or the first time in my Hubs lifetime.

It is a very emotional time in my house right now.  He is crazy excited and thrilled beyond belief - actually to the point of disbelief.  Anyone who knows him knows he is a hardcore Bruins fan through and through (hey .... we have a dog whose registered name is Neely VonBruin for crying out loud!) and what this means to him.  It's like his own personal victory.

Me ... I am a Bruins fan by marriage.  A person who has come to enjoy and appreciate the game but rarely watches because my Hubs is just too intense for me.  Last night though ... it was an absolute pleasure to watch with him.  It was intense for both of us and today I proudly wear my Bruins jersey ... much to the dismay of many colleagues and students. 

So with this post I leave the creative behind and celebrate on behalf of my Hubs with a congratulations to both teams for a great series and a great big WOOOHOOOOO to the Bruins for taking the cup.  (and yes, I recognize that it would have been great to have had Lord Stanley at home in Canada but ... technically ... 17 of their top players are Canadian [including two from Vancouver) so it's not completely American.  Thats my disclaimer)  You played a strong game as a strong team ... and no one believed you could do it.


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