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Monday, August 15, 2011

Quick Mini

Using the Gabrielle Collection from Bo Bunny, along with 5x5 pockets from KI Memories, I created a quick mini album about a trip to Montreal I took with my nieces a few years back.  We had so much fun ... but the photo selections were limited, outside to the great architecture around Old Montreal however, the memories stored away are plentiful and priceless.  We had a major case of the sillies that weekend as we explored the underground mall, took the subway and explored the streets.  It was great to leave my car behind and not have to worry about parking and driving.  Especially with a via rail pick up and drop off right in Casselman, I only had to drive 15 minutes away for the journey to being. 

With the leftovers from the Gabrielle Collection, I made two very quick cards.  I really do enjoy making them and don't know why I don't do it more often.  Then again .. I really enjoy being creative and crafty so why dont I do that more often either?  (no comment)

As summer winds down, I can not believe I have to return to work in 3 weeks.  It is just flying by faster than any other but I have to admit, it has been the most enjoyable summer I have had in a long time.  Despite a flipped around sleeping schedule, I have been enjoying quite the social life with some pretty great friends ... new and old.  I really dont want it to end ...

Finally, before I forget yet again, blogger just isn't being user friendly.  I really do look at everyone's blogs and often drool over or chuckle at the content but I just can not comment.  I have NO clue why that is.  It will take me to the google log in page after I have written my comment but won't post it.  It just keeps asking me to enter my password over and over and over again.  Very strange and very inconvenient. 

Happy Creating


Kataroo said...

you had me at mini :)

HeatherFeather said...

same problem over here with Blogger....but not all the time!!??

Great job on the mini!

As for an enjoyable summer, I completely agree and would love to figure out how to get you to the Scrabox instead this Friday!!! lol ;)

Louise Dubord said...

Same problem for me too..., but it looks like it is going to work here!

Louise Dubord said...

OH, and lovely mini!