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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sinfully Scrumptious

I remember seeing a Tim Hortons coupon at some point this summer. It was actually a two-fer ... Timmies and some creamery place. I'd never heard of it so I didn't give it much thinking.  It would never apply to me. Boy was I wrong and boy do I wish I had whatever that coupon was.

Turns out it was for Cold Stone Creamery which is attached to Tim Hortons. I haven't seen any in Ottawa but came across a new store in Cornwall ---- with the Creamery inside. Sinfully delicious. All ice cream and cones are made on the premesis and hand mixed with whatever ingredients you want to add. Their waffle cones/bowls are to die for. I was feeling fruity (both times I went) so I got the Berry Berry. Visit 1 was French Vanilla ice cream and visit 2 was cake batter both with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.  So tasty and only one of a dozen flavours to choose from.  Enough with the talk ... lets let the pictures show you what I mean.

Regardless, I'm now thinking that I have a new route home from Cornwall and, since I really only make it to Cornwall an average of once a month, I will have to stop there again on Friday just to get my fill.  What flavour should I have this time?  Seriously .... if you ever come across one, you simply have to try it!


Kataroo said...

mmmmmmm.....I am wiping the drool from my mouth :)

HeatherFeather said...

We had those in Burlington before we moved back here...dangerously deeeelicious!

Natasha said...

Saw one on Bank Street this past week. Almost had an accident, that ice cream is so amazing