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Returning soon to a blog near you. New Year ... new music. Happy 2011.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

To all of our Family & Friends

May all your dreams and wishes come true this year.
My your hearts desires become a wonderful reality.
May you and yours have lives filled with great love and good health.
All the best for 2009.


Closet Artist said...

It's officially the new year and I should be in bed but I wanted to wish you a happy new year. It's going to be a good one!!

Rachel said...

Right back atacha babycakes..


Marlene said...

Happy New Year Mell! Wishing you all the best - may your dreams be fulfilled in 2009!

Barb said...

Happy new year, Melly! I hope 2009 brings you all you hope for. Love ya big time, my friend!

xo Barb

one and one + two said...

Happy New Year to you too! Why are you up at 1am stalking my blog and not snoozing??? I don't think Blogger is messing with you - I did that One Little Word post and then pulled it off...I will post it tomorrow. I am being a bad blogger and 'back posting' things to catch my family up on what we did at xmas, etc! Oops!

Tanya said...

happy new year girl..btw your house looked great..and omg that tree was huge. Talk soon:)