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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boston Bruins 7, New York Islanders 2

Here are a few of the photos that I took from the game. What great seats we had. Fabulous!! Unfortunately there was no aquariam. We got lost one too many times that weekend and, when he missed the turn off, we just headed home - - but not without a stop in Salem New Hampshire, first. A quick stop at Michaels found me some goodies, including a new Cuttlebug. It's not something I would pay full price for but, with the 50% off coupon and the lower US price, I walked away with one. In haste, I grabbed two die folders for it. When I was at AC Moore, I tool a bit closer of a look and bought 3 more. Turns out two of the were the ones I picked up at Michaels. DUH! So, I have the D'vine Swirl and the Spots & Dots available for trade if there are any takers. (they were $5.50 USD) I would really like to get a couple of the Christmas dies but can't find them. (I havent checked the Scrapbox yet) If anyone can give me a heads up, I would be thankful.
Happy Thursday. One more day until the weekend. Am I the only one who didn't think this week would even end?


Stay funny said...

it looks like both of you had a great time!
great pictures!

ohhhhhhh Jenn only have few of the Xmas ones left, forgot to check yesterday.... busy... evening.... and not a good timming for me at the store.
Good thing that you are coming tonight!

Did you get my suplies list on your voicemail?

tinascrapbooking said...

I have lots of Christmas cuttlebug stuff in stock, but going fast.
Looks like you had a great trip!!

Closet Artist said...

Shopping at Michaels in the U.S!! Oh the pleasure!!! and a coupon to boot... double the pleasure!! LOL
We all have to do a cross border shopping trip in the new year.

And what fabulous seats. I bet you could hear all the swearing! LOL