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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Found a strain that I couldn't beat!

What a  loooooong weekend.  I am so in need of another.  Thanks to my first ever flu and the fact that I have a uterus, I missed this beautiful weekend because I was in bed for most of it.  Bah!

It did start out promising though.  My friends and I ventured over to Massena after work on Thursday.  Of course, any trip there wouldn't be complete without enjoying the best ever chicken wings.  I ate about 5 or 6 of them - - not normal.  By the time we got in the van to go to the mall, I looked at the ladies and said "I feel like I have a lead balloon in my stomach." - - not good.  We got to the mall, came up with a plan and dispersed.  My goal ... just get K was he needs and go sit down and wait.  Forget about me.  Even walking was painful.  I just needed to go to that one store then sit and wait.  Apparently my body had other plans.  I made it to Champs, picked up 5 shirts for him, went to the cash to pay ... and then it happened.  I felt it.  I tried to ignore it.  I don't do this.  Not when I am sick.  Not when I am pregnant.  Not ever - other than that one time, as a result of alcohol, I havent done this since I was about 8 or 9 ... this can NOT be happening!!  Oh but it was.  I asked if they had a bathroom .... "no, go to the food court."   Fear.  3 steps towards to exit.  3 steps back to the cash.  I am not going to make it.  Back room and garbage can here I come.  Throwing up for the first time in about 28 years ... here I am.  It was awful.  I was so embarrassed and mortified.   They were understanding and empathetic but still ... it was awful.  On the plus side, I was feeling a million times better but definitely not a hundred percent.  I ventured back to the food court to wait.   My friends were great.  If it hadn't been for them seeing me carry a garbage bag out of the store into the mall garbage, they would have had no clue what had just happened.  They offered to call it a day and leave but I couldnt let that happen.  Besides ... I was feeling MUCH better - - right??

Wrong!  I managed to gather 2 jeans for K and a shirt for me then had to pay and sit again.  The lead balloon was back.  Thankfully, we were heading home after that stop.  I was going to make it.  Wrong again.  I got into the van and, thanks the the overwhelming aroma of 150+ chicken wings in the back seat, I was up close and very personal with a Walmart bag in the parking lot.  More humilation.  Not fun having your friend see you this way ... even if they are completely understanding about it.  Thanks to a front seat ride with the air conditioning in my face to keep the smell away, I made it home.  Everything was left in the car, bed I went and only woke up twice for some garbage pail and porcelain love.  Thankfully - if there is anything to be thankful for - the flu decided to hold off on showing me 'double love' until I got home.  Whew ... I cant even imagine dealing with both of those on the road or in public places.

So needless to say, I was sick.  I slept most of Friday and Saturday.  I missed the car rally.  I lived on Ginger Ale.  Just when I thought I was going to be good to go for the last two days ... I was plagued by some seriously awful cramping Saturday night (and still going today.  oy).  Front and back.  I mean seriously ... wtf?  My uterus isnt good for what it needs to be good for .... does it really have to remind me that it is there, with a vengence, every few months? Oh vay.  Can this weekend get any worse?  Fortunately, it didn't but I am definitely in need of some time off to get things done now.  No room painting.  No canvas painting.  No photo editing.  No nothing.  Thanks to my bed, my laptop and season 5 of Alias (GREAT show!!!), I made it through the weekend finding horizontal relief.

So .... how was your Easter?

Enjoy this short week.


Closet Artist said...

Oh Bella!!
I hope you are on the mend and wish I could be there to bring you crackers!
Big hugs!

Kataroo said...

oh dear....that sounded horrific...your a trooper thats for sure....poor girl...I can't imagine feeling like that :(

on another note I LOVE ALIAS!!!!! BEST SHOW EVER!!!! Have you watched FRINGE? that show gives me the same feeling :)

Louise Dubord said...

Poor thing... Double love (never heard that one before!) that's the absolute worst. And I felt miserable with a bad cold with different symptoms for every single day of the week-end. Not anymore. Try to get some rest and don't think about food. Hope you feel better soon. Thank God for series on DVD, too bad it did not exist when we were little. OK, when I was little!

Barb said...

Oh no, sorry to hear you were so sick. :(