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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chompin' at the Bit, I am.

After becoming pregnant last year, everything stopped.  All of the dieting (i was always hungry) and the working out (high risk pregnancy, wasn't allowed) went to the way side for work followed by evenings and weekends on bed rest.  When yet another pregnancy ended, I met with depression for the first time.  What an awful experience.  Again, more eating and zero working out.  When work started, so did school which left no time for working out and, if I am being honest, I still had no interest in starting again.  Interest, yes.  Motivation, no.  Well, it's a year later and where am I now ... CHOMING AT THE BIT to get back in to a pool again.  Even though I had been thinking about it, I believe that my day at Calypso filled my body and mind with a desire and pull that I haven't felt since I was in the height of working out last year.  My goodness how I love being in the water!

This past weekend, I put my mind to it and have created a fall schedule that works for me.  I have made a list of all that I need to buy (swim cap [5hrs/wk in the pool turned my hair to straw last time. disgusting.], waterproof mp3 player, etc) and planned how I am going to go to work, school and hit the pool 3x per week and guess what?  I'm excited.  I can not wait.  If it wasnt for the fact that K is on holidays this week, I would already have a few workouts under my belt.  I need to be active again.

Know what else I rediscovered in these past two weeks.  Drinking water.  I had forgotten how much I love it.  Super icey.  Super cold.  Along with my bad habits came my obsession for Caffiene-Free Diet Pepsi.  That, along with Crystal Light Iced Tea, was about all I was drinking .... and I do drink alot to begin with.  I suppose I could have been drinking worse but it feels good to get back to basics and enjoy water again ... with lots of ice, of course. 

Back to basics ... I like the sound of that.



Kataroo said...

I smell SUCCESS!! why?

1. you picked something you love
2. your excited
3. you worked out a plan and thought of all the things you need
4. you remember how good it felt

SO proud of you :)

Swim fishy swim :)

Rachel said...

I have no doubt you'll do great Mellisa! :)

R :)