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Monday, August 9, 2010

I learned a valuable lesson on Saturday ...

i DO NOT want to be a wedding photographer EVER.  ever, ever, EVER.  I hated it every moment of it.  Sure, it was fine those couple of times for friends but Saturday ... how nerve wracking.  I finally fell asleep just after 7:30am (which is late even for this night owl.  I am usually pushing 4-4:30 these weeks) and had to be up for 10.  I pushed it off until 11.  I got to the venue 20 minutes early.  The tent was still being decorated inside.  The aisle and the archway were still in progress.  Bridesmaids and family members scrambled to get the cake set up, the tent secured and the tables set.  The groom was rushing around, unready.  He finally went in to get shower and dress around 3:45 - - - we were supposed to have pictures at 3:30.  He arrived around 4:15ish ... 15 minutes before the ceremony was to begin.  The pre-wedding photos with the bride and bridesmaids never happened.  After the ceremony, I had approximately an hour and a half to take photos of the bride and her bridesmaids, the complete wedding party, the bride and her family, the groom and his family, the bride and groom and then the bride alone.  Keep in mind that, of this approximate hour and a half, friends and family were approaching them to wish congratulations (naturally), the bride had to find time to pee (of course) and last minute discussions were taking place with regards to the reception.  The mood was pleasant and happy but I was a bundle of nerves and felt so very rushed.  At the end of the day, I am happy neither with the quality nor quantity of my work.  My camera isnt working it's best, I am learning and I think it's time for maintenance work.  Even in the auto mode, the pictures werent the best they should have been.  I guess after 10,000 clicks that happens.  Never thought of it before. 

So ... now I sort.  Now I reflect.  Now I know that me doing weddings will not happen.  Studio and on location work only.  Families, babies, toddlers and pregnant bellies only please!



Kataroo said...

OY that does sound stressful. Good for you for knowing what you want to do and doing that from now on.

Stay Funny said...

sorry it had to be this way you learn your lesson..... wishing you the best with all the rest!