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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A tasty K9 treat?

So it's allergy season and my nose blowing is in full swing.  Just out of curiousity ... does everyone have a dog who is koo-koo for kleenex or is it just me?  The mere sound of a piece of kleenex being pulled from it's box is enough for him to raise his head, from a light slumber, and watch me.  If I pick one up, he just stares at me and watches and waits, hoping for the moment when I accidentally drop it so he can swoop in for a tasty treat.  Oh, and watch out if I dare let a few gather on the side table until I go to a room with a garbage.  He will skulk over and *boom* just like that grab it and hurry away.   What a strange, strange bird, my sweet Neely is.  I just wonder if he is alone in this obsession...


Kataroo said...

not alone at all!

Frodo is crazy about snotty kleenex!

Closet Artist said...

just think about it as recycling!!! LOL