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Sunday, March 20, 2011

{ In Love }

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I had a good, albeit is super long day (thanks to a wake up time at 4:45am for no apparent reason), at Auntie Em's yesterday.  There definitely wasn't a shortage of laughs, that is for sure.  Of course, no time at Auntie Em's would be complete without some after hours chat.  Serious talk about life and the events in it.  Tears shed, more laughs shared and bonds deepend.  I also learned yesterday that someone had spent two years of her life in discussion with her husband about doing something so incredible for me.  An ultimate sacrifice.  I was floored and touched beyond words and from the bottom of my heart I can not thank her enough for even just for the considerations they made.  It just goes to show you that, when you least expect it, you can be knocked off your feet with just simply the knowledge of an act of kindness ... even if it didnt transpire.  The sentiment and appreciation is just as much there as if it did. 

On a scrappy note ... I did manage to get a whole layout completed.  Yup!  One whole layout.  Just short of my goal of two layouts and two cards.  Uh huh.  Why do I try?  haha.  As it was pointed out to me by Michelle, "you scrap those photos alot."   Why yes, I do.  :o)  It's called lack of anything else to scrap and no recent photos.  She did bring up a good point though and my goal over the next few weeks is to go through all my photos, find new ones that I have never scrapped before and put copies of them together in a folder.  In the meantime, I will leave you with more wedding pictures (taken with my iphone so poor quality) .... again! 

PS Michelle .... you will be happy to know that the next month will see me on a trip to visit family in Hamilton but will also include a reunion with my very, very best friends from my short years in Hamilton.  The first friends I ever remember having and have memories of.  After moving to Ottawa 30 years ago and losing contact a few years after that, we have much to look forward to and I am quite certain it will include a photo or two.  *wink*

Happy Creating


Kataroo said...

Sounds like a beautiful after hours chat:)

I love the LO, the background, makes it (the texture and color)! Great title too!

Rachel said...

GORGEOUS LO MEL! I love the texture ... I wanna touch it! LOL

R :)

Lorena said...

OK, reading the part about the after hours chat made those tears well up all over again - I'm still in awe of the moments that were had that night!