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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trimmer Poll

For years I have used the Fiskars Triple Track.  Since day one actually.  I haven't fallen out of like with my trimmer yet but sometimes I wonder if it is time for a change.  Antonio tickled my papers for a while alas ... Antonio turned out to be a dud.  What was Making Memories thinking?   I've also never been one for a rotary trimmer.  In all honestly, I have no clue why that is or what has ever stopped me from buying (or even using) one.  At Auntie Em's last night I was surrounded by a Fiskars one.  A couple of the scrappy gals couldn't believe I hadn't made the switch to rotary ... but they have me thinking about it.

So, what trimmer do you have?  What trimmers have you tried?  What trimmers have you avoided?  I would love to hear about the trimmer(s) you tried and hated, the trimmers that just aren't  too shabby and what trimmer you just cant live without and why.

For taking the time to offer your advice by commenting, I will offer up a small prize pack of mixed goodies. All those who comment will have their name entered into a random draw. The winner will be annouced next Sunday.  Can't wait to read your trimmer reviews.

I started off with this ...

before switching to my beloved Antonio who let me down tremendoulsy...

so off I went back to old faithful....

and now ... what's next?


Rachel said...

I am alas in constant trimmer distress in one way or another ... I am an old faithful girl .. but I am not one to measure often so I seem to be at peace with that! Good luck .. and be sure to post what you find .. i am always open to trimmer advice! LOL

R :)

Closet Artist said...

Ok weird, I was just thinking about trimmers and what kind to potentially buy next. I, like you, use ol' blue. I have from the beginning but also tend to use my exacto knife and metal ruler in conjunction with my Basic Grey magnetic cutting mat.
Even though I have thought about a new one, they all seem too large and cumbersome compared to ol' blue!

Hmm I wasn't much of a help so I guess I'm interested to see the results of your poll myself!! lol

Emma said...

ok I guess the fact that I don't get to scrap much might negate my opinion but I LOVE my Fiskar's rotary cutter. I like the fact that you can change the blades for different decorative trims. Plus the rotary blade is continually rotating so it does not dull quickly and usually when it's not cutting well it's the mat's fault and you get 4 uses out of each mat!! It is kind of big and a bugger to travel with but then you have a reason to buy a bigger, better bag!!
Now they have a larger bed - which if you like to make cards it is good cuz the 5.5" mark is not in/on the crack!

Closet Artist said...

"in/on the crack"
hee hee hee, that made me giggle!! :D

Stay Funny said...

I have a Rotary Fiskars that I got at Costco and like it - if not there is a new Fiskars with a metal wire that is very popular. It shows you exactly where it will cut.

milkcan said...

I'm a rotary girl. Love my Fiskars rotary trimmer and I have a Genesis rotary trimmer as well!

Glad you're participating in Art Journal Every Day!!

Kataroo said...

Is it weird that I think the ? picture looks like a girly part down there? LOL

Lorena said...

I have used many ... What I started with was a large sized Fiskars Rotary (15x15) and I still use that at home. However, on the go I use a Cutter Bee rotary - it is compact, travels well and is relativly inexpensive. I have used the Provo Craft triangle bladed one (and hated it, it ends up dragging the paper and tearing) I can't speak more highly of the rotarty trimmer - for the same reasons that Emma likes hers, less surface to dull out, and when you think it is getting dull simply change the mat. I also love my guillotine style Fiskars for trimming photos - it is VERY precise!

Good luck with whichever you choose, but my vote is for Cutter Bee Rotary :o)


linda.constantineau said...

Hummm....I have pretty much tried all the blue kind like you...But, I have also used the rotary and your Antonio??? or similar, to be truthful, I find them too hard...all that has to be clicked or lifted is very hard for me on my wrist, so of all trimmers, I find ol'blue is the best...when the blade is good, everything just zips trhough it..although some of my friends just love the rotary, I personally would have any but the rotary...tks, let us know what you end up getting..

Michelle said...

yes, Katie, that is weird. :)
I still love my Fiskar's tripple track (have 2 actuall), but what i don't like is that I have to change the blade OFTEN! (like sometimes 3 times a month!)
I invested in the Fiskar's rotary and I do like it's smooth cut. The blade last FOREVER! (I got mine over a year ago and I JUST changed the blade today...I have changed the mat once though) OK, Mike changed the blade for me, but whatever...I do not like that the 5.1/4 " mark is right at the arm crease because it's not a perfect kind of have to eyeball it.
Bottom line...rotary blades last way longer than other blades.
Oh, and I HATE guillotine style a big ass one of those, too, that Mike got me. Hate it. Don't tell him.