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Monday, March 28, 2011

Inkessentials Foam Storage

As I'm sure everyone reading this is, I am a HUGE fan of Tim Holtz and his wonderful Distress Inks.  In an ideal world, I would own one blending tool for every colour family and have one of those cool vintagey stamp holders too.  That's the ideal.  In the real world, I just won't justify spending approximately $75.00 on it.  Maybe one day.  Not today.

I saw this idea whilst You-Tubing and thout it was brilliant and definitely much more cost effective than 8 or 9 blending tools.  The only downfall is that my distress inks no longer snuggle together, one on top of the other but really that doesn't matter because I tend to keep them bunched in an elastic since I don't trust the lid to stay on. 

Here you go.  My new storage method  a-la-iPhone photos:

 Materials Used - Distress Inks, Ink Blending Foam, Velcro (rough side)

 Place velcro (rough side) on under side in ink pad

 adhere foam to velcro

 and *VOILA* 

You now have an ink foam piece for each and every Distress Ink colour you have  ... and all for pennies to do, moments of your time and just a bit of unsteady-ness in the stacking once completed --- which is easily remedied in various manners, elastic included.

Have a happy, creative day.


Emma said...

excellent idea! the only problem i see is that none of the foams are used!!! lol

Kataroo said...