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Thursday, January 4, 2007

In A Whole New Zone

always in awe of katie's home - full of her personal touches and canvas creations - i fell in love with this painting the first time i saw it at a fine mess. it was created by a local ottawa artist and sells for $3500.00. having neither the money nor the interest in paying such a price, i walked away. then the encouraging words of a wonderful friend allowed me to travel into a world i had neither been nor thought i could (or would) ever go.
it was beyond my wildest dreams for me to even think about re-creating a painted piece of artwork but, with katie's encouragement, i set out to do just that ... and did! now i just wait for the moment it gets hung on my living room wall. it is during this time that i must remeber that patience is a virtue! here is my intrepretation of this local artists creation. i too was going to do the epoxy/resin finish however decided against it once i was done.

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mel'smom said...

Wow Mellisa...creative, talented and beautiful...You did great. Can't wait to see it hanging...
Love your momma...xxxoooxxx...