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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Photography Phun

my beloved fruit salad. if anyone really knows me, they know how i think the world of my neices and nephews. we have 7 in total - 3 apples, 3 pears and 1 grape with a new member of the bunch due in july. they absolutely light up my life and make my heart shine.
when megan (the oldest) was younger, i always told her that she was the apple of my eye. when her sisters arrived, i told them that too. then matthew was born. a sweet bundle of cuteness ... shaped like a pear. it was then that my 'fruit salad' concept was created. each fruit represents a family until. dana & scott = apples. amanda & neil = pears. jeff & amy = grapes. without knowing it, i even made hannah a part of the fruit salad. our children will be the bananas. it hit me 6 months after having her, when i was trying to cram each and every possible experience i could have with her in a short amount of time. 'hannah-banana', i called her, because someone had to tease her so it was going to be her mommy. when my brother and sister are blessed with sweet babies, they too will become apart of my adored fruit salad.
the above photos were taken while the kidlets were visiting this weekend. it was matthew's first sleepover and he had a great time. naturally, the creative process was running through my mind for the various art projects i want to do for my home thus this home photo shoot. 4 down, 4 to go and my project materials will be complete.


Kataroo said...

did you take these photos ?? wow wow!! love the fruit salad!!!

Stay funny said...

Great photo's Mell!
I can't wait to see the project that you will be doing!

Marlene said...

Those are fabulous photos Mell! Love your fruit salad :).

Barb said...

Great photos... so much fun! And I love the fruit salad analogy. :)