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Friday, November 28, 2008

Hello from Massachusetts!

Here I sit, in the glorious Harbourside Hyatt, in Boston, MA. We arrived at about 1am and left again around 9:30. I can't believe how busy the Garden was more than two hours before the game but it energy was so thrilling. Out seats were fabulous - 4 rows off the ice, right beside the Bruin's bench. If you look through the photos closely, you will even see me looking at Kevin with excitement as the players started their skate onto the ice. There is also a photo which shows Kevin after a goal was scored. I was blocked by the person in front of me ... but my camera wasn't -- woohooo! lol Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to bring in DSLRs so I had to use my point & shoot. Great to have it but I don't miss it now that I know the difference, that is for sure. It appears that I may have gotten some great shots but I wont know for sure until I upload them when I get home. As for the rest of the day, we spent most of it getting lost and finding malls here and there to kill time. Tomorrow we are going to the the New England Aquarium before heading home. I can't wait. It looks so interesting. (and it will give me a few more opportunities to enjoy the Boston accent. Ohhh, I love it!! )
I will update later with photos and more stories. (yes, about my personal side ... pick youself up, Katie. HA! HA!) I have a craft fair Sunday and want to get started on my decorations when I get home so maybe Tuesday or Wednesday?
Until then, you will just have to enjoy sifting through the Bruin's link above and seeing if you can find me.


Closet Artist said...

Boston for hockey?? I hope some Black Friday shopping snuck it's way in there too!!!

Marlene said...

Boston - how fun! I would love to visit it some day but probably not for hockey - LOL.