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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old Name ... Mellisa

New Name ... Pickle Sista!

Yesterday, after driving my Nana, Mom and her husband to the airport, I headed over to my sister-in-law for our pickle making date. We almost thought it wasn't going to happen but, just as we hit the last vendor at the Parkdale Market, we found them.  The perfect, grade A cucumbers all ready to be jarred.  The only vendors that sold cucumbers by the bushel, I might add.  We purchased the cucumbers (a bushel and a half), fresh dill and fresh garlic and headed back to her place.  Now, we've both assisted my mother-in-law, at different times,  in the process but never made them on our own.  While we didn't go in blind to the process, we certianly went in nervously.  

The venture began and continued and continued and continued.  It seems that a bushel and a half makes alot of pickles.  After a quick stop for lunch, Dana and I were well on our way wtih pruned fingers from scrubbing (her) and intensely smelling garlic fingers (me).  Then, a vinegar steam facial and 11 hours later, we had 68 jars of pickles.  Sixty-eight.  That's a whole lotta pickles. 

Now all we do is sit and wait about a week to see how yummy they taste.  I am crossing my fingers that they compare to my mother-in-laws because seriously ... no one can dill a cucumber like her.  Not even Bicks themselves!



Kataroo said...

Pickle SISTA....oh lord that had me laughing :)

Stay Funny said...

hope you enjoy them!
wowzer 68...
divided in 2 that's 34 for your house... wow!

Closet Artist said...

Oh yummy!!
We have a garden full of green beans that I would love to pickle... can I drop them off at your house and pick them up in a week?! :D

Anonymous said...

holy moly that is a crap load of pickles!!!