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Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Really Happening ...

I am a business owner.  I never, ever thought I would own my own business.  It should have felt real to me when I registered with the government but it didn't.  Designing logo options 1, 2 and 3 done ... but it didn't  It should have felt real to me when I met with my clients (thats right, I have clients teehee) for a pre-wedding consultation, but it didn't.  What finally felt real to me was designing my business cards last night.  I got the back done. Began the front.  Wanted to cry when it came time to create flourishes ... but lets not even go there because I have to attempt to figure it out again today.  Skipped over to entering the information and then .... then it felt real.  I am a business owner.  Excitement turned into panic turned into doubt turned into a smile.  Even if I don't succeed, i tried and that's what matters most.

In the meantime, my website is no longer a random results page ... it is officially 'under construction'.  Things will become more concrete with it next week when my web people come back from holidays.  Business cards will be ordered next week too.  I have a practice maternity session on Sunday and am completely excited.  I will finally have something to put on my facebook group that doesn't belong to my nieces.

My life isn't how I want it to be but, all in all, things are definitely good!

Happy Monday.  Here's to an enjoyable week


Stay Funny said...

so happy - can't wait to see the web page and cards! Congrats!

Was great seing you Sat - even if I wasn't all totally my self and all.... but still great. Can't wait to scrap this w-end with you!
Hugs and have a great week xx

Kataroo said...

I am doing the BOOB DANCE OF EXCITEMENT FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Mell :) YOU ARE DOING IT!!

Natasha said...

WTG Melissa, so happy for you. Looking forward to seeing your pictures and watching your business grow.

Closet Artist said...

Hip hip hurray!!!

Barb said...

I'm sooooooo excited for you, Melly! :)