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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Done, done & done.

  • Business registered - - - check
  • Domain name registered - - - check
  • Email set up - - - check
  • Blog started - - - check
  • Facebook page - - - check
  • First job pending - - - double check
And so begins my journey towards being a business woman.  I have finally taken the plunge and made it official.  Studio H Photography is in full affect.  Only thing left to do is create a new logo (would you believe that there are several other Studio H's in business and three that I found boast a variation on the same logo I created for myself.  So much for that 'original' thought), develop a website and start selling myself (the easy part ... uh huh).  I have some fun things lined up photo wise.  The next few weeks will see me trying different tidbits and ideas starting with my sister, a maternity session and then the hijacking of a certain someone's kiddies.  August will see me trying my hand at newborn photography (cant wait!) and maybe a few other things too.  I will know more in a couple of days.

I am excited and nervous and crossing my fingers for success.  How cool would it be to have not one but TWO jobs that I love?  I could get use to this...


Kataroo said...

Very exciting!!! I am so looking forward to seeing you FLY :)


Barb said...

Good luck, Melly! :)

Closet Artist said...

We will be speaking to you about a family session in the fall. :D

Stay Funny said...

happy happy happy for you! Good luck and can't wait to see your fabulous work!

Anonymous said...

knew you could do it girl!!! love ya:)


tinascrapbooking said...

So exciting, so glad you are doing this!! Having your own business is a lot of work but the reward is great!!
Please email me with your fees.
I am thinking about a family session for the fall as well, we've only had one family photo taken when the kids were 1.