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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

AE PageMaps Reveal: For the Love of Shoes

Happy Spring, everyone.  Sort of.  There hasn't been much in the way of sunshine but the weather is warmer and the socks have been off for about a month now.  Now all I need is to get in the mental mindset for crafting again and I am good to go.  April was a busy month.  Between my sister's birthday, the flu, Easter and the Hubs grandmother passing, there hasn't been much time for creating.  Unfotunately it has taken a bit of a tole on my mojo but that's bound to change with Saturday being National Scrapbook Day and a weekend of creative fun.  *crossing my fingers*  I have big plans and need to have big accomplishments that weekend too.

On the Auntie Em's front, it's that time again and let's just say May's pagemaps were fun to work with.  I saw many different possibilites for this sketch but opted to focus on the more non-traditional photos.  Featuring Basic Grey's 'Marjolaine' line, I added some Making Memories, Maya Road and a few other embellishments to finish it off.  I also added photos using three layours of dimension - flat plus two thicknesses of pop dots.  A great way to get depth easily.  Finally, I created my own raffle tags using lined paper from Scenic Route which I then turned into a journally strip - - - and used my own handwriting.  *gasp*  I don't particularly love it (or like it, for that matter) but I do call it 'done' and, at the end of the day, that's what counts!

There was so much versitility in this paper line that it was hard to decide between the accent and focal colours.  Thankfully, those colours decided for themselves and away I created.  Regardless of the great papers or the inspiring sketch, there is one thing that creating this layout had me craving .... more and more shoes.  Shopping anyone?  *wink*

Journalling reads:
It's amazing what a great pair of shoes can do for a woman's self-esteem.  How a casual flat can make you feel hip and trendy while a sleek stilhetto can leave you feeling beautiful and sexy.  Whether they are shows that I wear daily or a special pair that I only get to wear once a year, one thing is for certain ... I can never have too many pairs of shoes.



Kataroo said...

You know what I thought of when I saw this LO? THAT DAMN RED LEATHER PUMP!!! LOL

LOve this LO :) Especially the pics of the shoes!

Stay Funny said...

Love the layout! Yes thought of the same thing... the Red Leather pumps.... ohhhh no

Lorena said...

Was that what Hubby was saying when you took all your shoes outside for a photo shoot "for the love of shoes" ? Great layout Mellisa - you always do so well with multiple photos - I am impressed! (yet agian)