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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NSD/Mother's Day recap

As I mentioned before, I spent National Scrapbook Day creating a mini album but, what I didn't share, was that it was actually a gift for my Mom for Momma's Day.  Sometimes she finds her way here.  Sometimes she doesn't ... but I couldn't take the chance.  I actually used an ATC sized 7 Gypsies Carousel and what a fabulous process.  I really loved making this mini album.  It housed about 90 ATC sized photos as well as about 12 dividers and sentiments throughout.  There is even room left for those family members that I didnt have photos of as well as room for photos taken in the future.  This is definitely a mini I will be making again and for myself.  Did I mention that I got (almost) all of it done in a day and a half AND while at a crop, no less?  Thanks to Jenn from The Scrapbox, she hooked me up with a sweet lady who had the ATC punch since one wasnt available for purchase and this was somewhat of a last minute gift idea.  (i knew something creative but didnt know how until Wednesday ... talk about last minute).  Not only was Luce SUPER helpful in letting me use her punch, she was sweet and kind enough to let me take it home in order to finish the project.  I mean, we had just met and here she was providing me with the tools to get the job done longer than I had needed  Thanks to her, I was able to put those finishing touches on the sentiment and divider cards then add them to the album before giving it to my Mom .... 100% completed.  The best part ... my Mom cried.  That made it all perfect!  (pictures to be added soon.  i didnt get a chance to take any before presenting her with the gift and forgot my camera to get photos afterwards.  most likely saturday)

Life is finally getting back to normal ... almost.  We have been running on one vehicle for two weeks and it absolutely has not been fun.  I hate not being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it.  I hate relying on others to get me places or bring me home.  Regardless, it should all be rectified this week and I will finally be able to establish my routine again and get to the gym.  Ooooh the gym.  How I miss you so.  I am going tomorrow for volleyball and am wondering if it smart to go a few hours early just to get a nice, long workout.  If volleyball is anything like the first week it may be a good idea because I wont be able to move my arms and legs for days.  haha.

On a seperate note ... if you are interested in going to the movies, I have done two movies in two weeks.  Last Tuesday we went to see Limitless.  Better than I expected but hello ... Bradley Cooper.  Yum.  Yesterday I went to see Something Borrowed and let me tell you .... funny!!!  What a good movie.  Definite chick flick but alot, alot of humour and lingering giggles.  Not to mention the previews ... our movie marathons are going to be good this year.  Plus *shudder* there is a new movie coming out with none other than the future Mr. Ross ... Justin Timberlake.  *sigh*  Best part of that is that it looks like a good movie too!

Until I blog again ... all the best for the sunny week.  I hear that the weekend is calling for rain but my Friday will be spent scrappin' at Auntie Em's with my fave Cornwall gals.  Can't wait!


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