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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock On, Sistahs!!!!

Finally, I post. I haven't really been on the internet as of late. A quick check here and a fast peek there. Truth be told, I have been curled up, in front of the laptop, watching dvd after dvd after dvd. Hello Sex and the City. This is the 3rd tv series I have watched since the summer began. Grey's and Desperate Housewives were definitely my favourites (hello McDreamy! 4 seasons in a week and a half. I love it!) and, while I am enjoying them, I am not head over heels, I have to admit. I am in Season 4 now - - Miranda just had her baby and Big just moved to Nappa. (anyone else think he isn't the greatest - - or sexiest - - of actors?) Because of this, my blog has been lacking, even though it wasnt my intention. That being said, I bring you the overdue Halloween post. Better late than never!
I went a little more over-the-top for our school's afternoon activities celebrating this spook-tacular day ... and boy, was it fun! Because it is only a half day, I usually don't have time to do more than than throw a costume on and make a few adjustments. This year, however, with the help of my friend and colleague Natasha, I was able to spend a bit more time prepping and was ready for the noon hour. I shocked many of the students and even made poor Nathaniel in JK back peddle with buldging eyes when I walked into the JK/SK room. My nephew was a little caught off guard and quickly stated that he didnt like my new look. (I have to admit ... I don't get many of them but I am loving those stolen moments that I get seeing him in the hallway or passing by his classroom quickly. It would be so easy to show favouritism but I am doing a great job maintining that professional side - if I do say so myself lol) A few of the younger students weren't quite sure what I was but one of the sweet dears in grade 4 loudly and excitedly exclaimed, " I know what you are. You're a TEENAGER!!!!!!!!!!!" It's was quite funny. Unfortunately, I forgot to switch out my lenses before I left in the morning so I had to make do with my 70-300mm and my 50mm which isnt great for self- portraits, as you can see. You can still get the jist of what I looked like ... some of the kids even think I should keep that look. My poor hair would never support it!!


Stay funny said...

wow Mell! It looks like you had a wonderful time!
hope those percings are not permanent!!! ;)

brn2scrp said...

Ah, the scariest halloween costume of all ... a TEENAGER! Ack!

Lol. Love your new look! :o)

Anonymous said...

Cool look Mell!! Awesome job the "teenager" look!!!!

Glad you updated. I've been checking your blog every day! LOL!!


Tanya said...

awesome job...but where are the lashes??You must scrap those pics...and I must say I am diging the clothes(is that

barb said...

omg, what a RIOT! I love your costume, and your nephew, well he's the sweetest little thing EVER! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. :)

Closet Artist said...

Happy belated Halloween! And that costume rocked!!