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Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Taste of Asia

... and a wonderful night with my Ya-Ya's.
We all gathered at Tanya's new house (and a gorgeous house it is) to break it in with some good ole Ya-Ya love. The evening was supposed to much more Asian themed than it was but, either way, the fun was still there. Lots of laughs around the kitchen table over food and sake. We each brought 2 items and wound up with a great feast. Then the ladies moved on to Apple Martini's. Afterwards we headed downstairs to begin our make and take. I picked up the Asian-style boxes and used my Urban Couture paper pack and matching ribbon. Stephanie was kind enough to do the prep work while I ran out to develop photos at 11pm. Rach pulled out the glimmer mist and Tanya glimmer misted all of the boxes. We only got the essence of what was the start of our mini albums but, hopefully, we will all be done them soon and I will post about them here. In the meantime ... Tan - can you please send me the pics? As soon as I get photos (and doctor them up so I look 'better' ... I am fighting a cold and looked like death walked over me - ugh!) I will post them for all to see.
This morning the ladies enjoyed a nice waffle, fresh fruit and whipped cream breakfast topped off with white chocolate cappacinos. Sounded heavenly however, I slipped out and went home just after 3am because I was stuffed up and uncomfortable. I wish I would have stayed but I was just better off at home.
Now, I am off to do the much neglected housework and try out my new vacuum ... hopefully I picked the right one. K is nursing what he thinks is the flu (aka a hangover, I think) so I am on my own to wash, dust, vacuum and mop. Who's with me .. c'mon. You know you wanna clean. Soo fun!!!
Happy Sunday
PS - yes. I know. I random post about life ... not scrapping. not photography. about life. you can pick yourselves off the floor now!! lol


Closet Artist said...

I "joined" you yesterday in cleaning my house! I thought it was way over due since I found dried, orange pumpkin guts on the floor underneath the kitchen table! LOL
I'm sorry you are feelin' under the weather but am happy you got to spend some girl time together.
You and I will do an ATC swap in the new year, ok?

barb said...

Posting and talking about nothing... wow, your blog is starting to read like mine! lol

Great to see you blogging more often, my friend. I've missed you.

Kataroo said...

consider myself picked up off the floor LOL :) Just kidding. I had a blast man!!! Felt really good :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather mell but glad to see you had a great yaya night!!!!
And glad you are blogging more. now that I am at home sick I have time to read and comment on all of them.


Rachel said...

What a rawking time and it was so good to spend time together... TY for the awesome album and scrapping goodies... next time we wake up withya too okay??