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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Perfect Start to Summer Vacay ...

first it was the last day of school for the kiddies then it was off to the Triple Bill - Twilight, New Moon and
*** ECLIPSE ***
Can you say "humina humina humina."  I am in love with the characters all over again.  It's the best one yet.

On a canvas note, thank you for your kind words both here and/or on Facebook.  It has made me feel better about it after the Hubs declared "heh.  not your best work"   Thanks, Babe!

Finally, I just want to wish our wonderful country a very happy birthday.  While I take where we live for granted, I know how lucky I am and happy I feel to be a Canadian.

Happy Hump Day.


Stay Funny said...

happy you had a good time at the movies! Boy I can't wai to see it then! Big hugs xx

Kataroo said...

I am so pumped to it tonight :) :) :)

Closet Artist said...

Enjoy the vacay and no better way to start it than with a "Twilight" saga high!!! lol

Rachel said...

It was my fave book and my fave movie! Have a great summer Mellisa!

R :)