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Saturday, January 1, 2011

One Little Word 2011

Welcome to 2011 and this years One Little Word.  I love that Ali Edwards inspires many to do this every year.  I love that I embrace it for the first few months but hate that I lose sight of it as life happens.  In the past, I used the word 'Baby' and 'Change' but this year, after much thought and mind changing, I have followed my heart to my one little word ... rediscover.

2011 will be about rediscovering all things.  New and old.  Simple and complex.  Creative and uncreative.  While I have a few items on a short list, there really are no bounds.  I can and will make up the rules as I go.  I think that is one of the highlights for me.  I'm in charge of how it plays out.  No waiting for fertility appointments to see if the connections between injections, ultrasounds and the big S were made like my 'Baby' year.  No concrete course of action needed to see evidence of 'Change' like last year.    Some rediscoveries will be well planned out - like a get together with a long lost friend to reconnect.  Others will be spontaneous and impromptu - like travelling somewhere for a day trip on a whim or rediscovering that one facial I enjoyed many years ago because I have two hours to kill before going somewhere.  This years word is what I make it and, for the most part, requires no one else to make it happen.  That peice of knowledge feels not only enlightening but empowering.  Not used to feeling empowered but I have to admit, I quite like it.

In the meantime, I have created my short list on paper for those rediscoveries I have planned and may also put them in a sidebar to check off as I go.  My goal is to journal them somehow.  I will use my blog as a way to capture them as the happen, of course but I really do want to have a tangible momento to relfect on for 2012.  While I would love nothing more than to say I will scrapbook this journey, I am not going to commit to that.  I know better.  What I will commit to is simply chronicalling my journey in a binder where anything can be added.  It may be a layout I created or something I wrote down on a lined piece of paper.  It may even be something as quick and the bag of a store I went to with the rediscovery date written on it.  Going with the flow will be my motto for this journal. 

As I bid everyone great things for this New Year, I will leave you with my quick list of things I hope to redicover.  I am excited to tell you that I already have one item checked off ... wooohoooo 2011.
  • rediscover the gym - i started this 'change' in September of last year and fell in love as i found my inner athlete, swimming my way to a healthier heart, lungs and body weight.  unfortunately, it became victim of the december schedule and it is a few days shy of one month since i have worked out.  monday ... i swim!  i have even a goal in mind thanks to a friend.  only 9 months to prepare.  eeks
  • rediscover my blogs - yes.  blogs.  i do have more than one.  i have this one which i hope to update once a week as well as my photography blog for the business i hope to one day have.  i also started a fitness blog to capture the journey to a smaller me but have only shared it with two people thus far so i figured new year, new start ... time to share.  so i am!
  • rediscover art - not just scrapbooking but art in all forms.  paint, paper, die cut machines, canvas, mini albums, photoshop editing and more.  maybe something once a week.  doesnt sound like much but, if you know exactly how (un)creative i've been, you understand that this goal is really huge.  i might even pack up and go to a crop every other month.  maybe.
  • rediscover photography - my camera has become dusty over these past months and the passion of capturing life in photos has dwindled as other things took over.  i need to make it a point to start taking it with me when i go places because you just never know when that inspiring moment will present itself
  • rediscover learning - at the beginning of last summer, i made the decision that i wanted to take the steps required to become a photographer as a (side) profession.  with so much to learn, i signed up for a course at algonquin but it didnt deliver as i had thought it would.  missing pieces of the puzzle stopped me from being able to progress as i wanted to but guess what?  i get to add my first check of 2011 here.  a couple of hours ago, i registered for an online maggie holmes photography workshop.  i have been looking at this course for several months and now ... here it is.  did i mention this is my first check of 2011.  i'm excited.
  • rediscover reading - simply put ... i love it, i miss it and its been way too long since i curled up with a tea and a great book. 
  • rediscover marriage - i always joke that i'm living the married single life as the wife of a self employed man who works very long hours, too many days in a row and is too tired to do anything when he finally has time off.  truth is i joke about it ... but i hate it.  we never go anywhere.  we never do anything.  we hid behind excuses that sound logical to us but really are only that ... excuses.  well not any more.  i understand that he works like a dog.  i understand that he really does just want to veg at home.  i understand that it needs to change and the both of is need make the committment to make it happen ... even if it is only once a month.  date one starts tomorrow.  brunch.  i love brunch but never go because that really is alot of food. tomorrow - -  i eat.  monday - - i work out.  :o)
It's time to take life, life it and REDISCOVER it ... one day at a time.  xxoo


Kataroo said...

BEST word yet! I love reading how excited you are about it. The sidebar is such a good idea :)

Barb said...

I love the word you've chosen, Melly! Happy New Year! :)

Rachel said...

I LOVED READING THIS! Great word Mell .. and i know you will succeed in all you strive to do! i love that you got to already make a check! Looking froward to future reads!

R :)

Closet Artist said...

Love your post!!!
My word for this year is going to be "document" which will have many takes on it in my life for the upcoming year but I hope one of them will be to have you "document" our family this year with a photo session in the spring. Save some time for us!!
Another is to "document" more of Claire's moments by getting back to basic scrapping. Save some time for get togethers!!