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Sunday, January 30, 2011

oh miss RENEE (and more stuff)

Please e-mail me.  For some reason my emails you keep bouncing back and I really, really, REALLY need to talk to you.  Like "life or death" talk to you.  Like "I'm going to lose my mind if you dont get in touch with me soon" talk to you.  As in *insert super whiney tone* "Reeeneeeeeee.  Wheeeeeeereeeee.  Aaaaaaareeeeeee.  Yyyyyyyyouuuuuuu ????????????" talk to you.   Okay, so it's not that desperate but I have a good idea and was excited to share with you and wanted to see if you wanted to play plus I wanted to hear all about your new digs so now you HAVE to email me ........ right ??????  *wink*

For those of you who aren't Renée .... sorry 'bout that.  Now on to the other stuff

Had my first official Auntie Em's Design meeting yesterday.  It was great to sit and chat and share and I think we some fun things in the horizon.   I met my co-conspirator fellow designer also yesterday and I do believe that Lorena and I are going to have some serious issues duking it out when the Basic Grey comes in.  Holy yum!  I am slowly starting to look at the CHA releases - a first in years - and its crazy how much stuff there is.  Obscene even.  But so great to drool over. 

In other Auntie Em's news, the not always technically savvy Emma began a blog for the store.  It may take a couple of weeks to tweak it and get it going but I do hope that you will come and visit often.

So today I continue to recoup.  My fever is pretty much gone but I still feel very run down and ragged with lots of coughing.  I pushed it a little too much yesterday just by driving to and sitting at Emma's yesterday for a couple of hours.  (on the plus side, i had the best freakin salad EVER from Subway ... thank  you for semi-returning appetite. lol)  The rest of my day will be spent amongst the flannel gods swathed of the fluffy goodness of my blankets while my hands craft away.

The sun is shining and the weather seems nice.  I hope everyone is enjoying these last moments of the weekend.  Happy Sunday.



Closet Artist said...

OMG you are too funny!! I sent an email to your creatively mine address because I think I lost your personal one when we changed internet providers, so go check it out and get back to me!!!

Kataroo said...

a new blog for me to stalk :) sweet :) going to check it out :)