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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Art Journal Everyday

I was over perusing Rachel's blog where she posted and linked to this "Art Journal Everyday" challenge.  An art journal a day ... not a chance would I be signing up for that.  Seriously.  Thats just as good as signing my name on a failure contract for sure --- or so I thought.  Then I read more ...

The concept is to do something in an art journal every day NOT create an art journal page a day.  It means that you complete the challenge by simply adding one element each time.  Maybe one day you paint the background.  Then the next day you add some photos.  Day three finds you sticking down 2 letters for the title "ME."  And so on until you are done.  It may take 3 days.  It may take 8 but its something every day.  I think I am definitely going to give this a shot ... now to find me a journal.  Maybe have to take a trip to DeSerres tomorrow (yum) which is just double fun because I can get the watercolour paints and crayons I've been wanting PLUS workout at my new gym.  Yup!  Sounds like a good day planned for tomorrow.

So ... who's joining me on this challenge?


Kataroo said...

YAHOOOOOOOOOOO.....don't forget to put it in your side bar...I tempted...I didn't read it the challenge got stuck at every day..but now that you lay it out like that..mmmm....

Have a great workout at the new gym tomorrow...can't wait to hear all about it.

Rachel said...

YAHOOOOOO indeed! You rawk the mixed media girl ... I cannot wait to see what your creative mind comes up with!

R :)

PS what gym did you join? I have been looking into some water aerobics ... do you recommend anywhere?

Renee said...

Oh I just can't journal!!! Too much of a perfectionist and cannot just mess around. Also it freaks me out that if I die people will find them and look through them!!! LOL
Look forward to peeking at your pages.
I'm going to try and book a couple of random Saturdays off so if that works out perhaps we can get together and get messy.