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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rediscover: Reading & Art

I had two *rediscoveries* yesterday and I have to say that I am so happy those are the ones that I started with.

The first of my two rediscoveries was my art.  My space is a mess and I hate creating in a messy space but there was just enough room for a small project so I decided on a few ATCs.  One for me and a few to share.  I was only a few steps in when the space got to me and I had to stop.  It was then that I realized that I just started my Art Journal Everyday challenge too.  Two concepts with one brush, so to speak.  I also realized that De Serres won't have the kind of journal I want to do so I may have to make one --- or just order one from Donna Downey.  I love the inspiration journals that she uses for Inspiration Wednesday.  So today, I continue my ATC/AJE  only after I get this uninspiring space cleaned up but first --- I must induldge in about an hour of rediscovery number two ...

After looking around the house yesterday, I realized that I didn't have any unread books here but for one that I bought last year during out schools book fair.  After a second look I thought "why did I buy this?"  Oh ya .. it was a dollar.  Then my mind went back to a gift card I had seen at Future Shop and a conversation I had with Marlene on Monday night.  iBooks.  I mean, it's better than nothing and I guess I could suck it up for one book, right?  Well ... I can not put my damn phone down.  I just want to read and read and read and read.  While I will never, ever fall out of love with the feel of turning crisp pages or the sound of a spine being gently creased, I have to say the convenience of iBooks is going to be a huge plus.  Once the kind of person who was almost never without a book in her purse, I remember often reading at home only to leave the next day, forgetting to put it back in my purse and being caught in a position to kill time with no book. Or bringing it to work to read at lunch only to forget it on my desk.  *gasp*  It was torture for me.  Well ... I never forget my phone.  Almost never.  I can count on two hands the amount of times I have forgotten my phone in the many years since I have had one.  So, as long as I am reading iBooks, I will likely never be without something to read again.  *bliss* 

The first book I purchased was Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.  Having only ever seen The Notebook, it was good to learn how great his written word is.  I am on pg 256 of 1095 and that was only after downloading the book at 1 am and not reading anything today.  Before you are overly impressed, keep in mind the side of an iPhone screen - there are only 17 lines on each page.  lol  On the downside, I was a little disgruntled over the price.  I paid $14.99 for the book - which is the same as if I went to Chapters and bought it there.  An electronic book.  Shouldnt those be cheaper because there is no use of paper or ink?  I thought one of the upsides to doing thing electronically was a slight reward of lower pricing.  Where is the incentive to encourage people to be more environmentally conscious if it is the same price either way?  I don't know.  Maybe I am just in the wrong frame of mind and just the knowledge that you did something is the kickback.  Anyone care to comment on that?

So, as I close the end of another long post --- dont worry.  i go back to work next week.  they will be neither as long, nor as frequent --- I will leave you with a photo of my first Art Journal Everyday step.  It's nothing more than cut paper (which is already labelled on the back) with tissue and gesso. I have a few ideas for what comes next but you'll just have to wait and see.  *wink*


Renee said...

Yeah why the hell are e-books so darn expensive?!?!?
I have debated about getting an e-reader but then I get drawn back to the freeness of the library!!! lol
Oh I'm so cheap!!! :D

Kataroo said...

just look at your sidebar filling up :) that makes me smile.

Rachel said...

Oh I can't wait to see how that ATC turns out! I have a funny feeling it'll be awesome!

Thought I'd mention that at M's there are these packages of blank ATC's that have different textures. One is water colour, another is canvas .. so on and so forth! I recall them being pretty cheap as well! I was thinking of doing these up, and the adding them to my art journal somehow!

I totally agree with you ref the cost of ebooks ... that is the only way john will indulge in fiction .. he likes to listen to or read on his BB when riding the bus to and from work!

Great post Mellisa!

R :)